Sunday, 11 November 2012

Aj's theory of love

LOVE! We sing about it all the time, we watch it in the movies, we fight to have it, it rules our hearts, we even pretend to practice it, LOVE! If I may ask, What is this strong 4 letter word that drives men insane? A legend once sang in his song. L - is for the way you LOOK at me...

O- is for the ONLY ONE I see
V- is VERY VERY extraordinary
E- is EVERY thing that you are to me) how dumb can that be? Hmmmm! A Lot of us go by some not practical, unrealistic views about this Subject. Some say love is a feeling, others say its a spell, some others just go by what other people say, what do you have to say about Love? I say LOVE is a decision to be committed UNCONDITIONALLY to an object or being, love is best expressed practically than verbally. How do I know I love singing? Not just by saying it, I am committed to it, I rehearse all the time to improve on it, I pamper my voice so I won't loose it,etc. How do you know you love a friend? You are committed to making him/her happy, you always want to be around that person, You always want to share, help, and care for the person, you can give your all to protect that person, now that's more like it....LOVE!...the true meaning of love. I had these thoughts on this subject so I thought I could share with you (now that's love), and to make it a little bit authentic I put together some crazy but real theory which I call
It states that Love Without giving is selfish, & giving without love is suspicious, Love & giving has to be simultaneous in the same proportion in order to maintain equilibrium. In other words Loving Is synonymous to giving & hating is synonymous to taking.

A practical example on love - For God SO LOVED the world that he "GAVE" his ONLY begotten son..... An example on hate- the boko harams so HATE Christians, so they kill and TAKE their lives... How barbaric! Let's not forget that it is more blessed to give than to receive, and note also that what, how & who we give to matters a lot.
We should give our best, we should give sacrificially and with a happy heart, and above all we should give to the needy. When we say give the first thing that comes into mind is money, but the truth is there are better appreciable things to give aside money. We can give our time, attention, care, hugs, kisses (legal ones only), compliments, advise, moral support, etc. Like I said earlier the only way to express love is by GIVING.
God bless you abundantly as you give something of value to the needy around you. Chiao!


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