Sunday, 9 December 2012

My Root

Long before I was born I was predestined to be a Nigerian, and to be my father's daughter, though sometimes I do wish to be Bill Gate's daughter, or Mandela's grand daughter but then what can I do but embrace who I am, & be proud to share with every one who cares to listen.  Its quite a long trip to my root,but if you are patient enough we'll both ride together to that place....a place called OGBA (the land of black gold).

Ogba Kingdom migrated from Benin kingdom in 1453 as a result of incessant conflict. The Oba (king) at the time (Oba Obuaru) had two sons, the younger son had his eye on the throne, so he poisoned his elder brother who was the right heir to the throne. The younger brother not only succeeded in killing his brother, but also succeeded in killing himself in the process. The grieved Oba having no son to succeed him passed a decree on the land that no woman must conceive/bear a child in the land (what a selfish decree!). The great war lords & chiefs in the land couldn't bear to live in such infertile situation so they left the town and began the journey of migration.

The Abors left, some went West as far as Lagos to settle (that's where we have Ogba in Ikeja) some moved to the east and settled in Onitsha (that's why the people of Onitsha dont accept to be Ibos) some kept moving looking for a better settlement,and miraculously they crossed over to Oguta. This was the beginning of our journey, we moved again & arrived at Obrikom, a certain prince named Aklaka moved on with his wife Etigwe and younger brother Ekpeye to a serene environment where they settled down, Aklaka named the place Obigwe meaning heavenly abode. There at obigwe Aklaka had his first son whom he named OGBA to commemorate his ancestral origin in Benin, Aklaka had another son Eke,& a daughter Ekeoma.
One day Aklaka's wife Etigwe scolded Ekpeye over the way he maltreats Eke,Ekpeye got furious, killed Eke and ran away to Ahoada where he settled (This explains why the Ekpeyes are aggresive & short tempered). OGBA inherited his father's stool, grew up to a good man and had his own children: Igburu, Imegi (Egi), Agburu & Alinwa.

Alinwa moved from Obigwe Eastward & sojourned in Ikiri, Agburu moved on & settled on a land close to a river, there he gave birth to many children,but they died soon after birth, so he went to a native doctor who gave him a pipe to throw into the river from which they drank, he did so and this stopped the children from dying. Agburu was grateful & named the place Umu-aku meaning children from/of pipe, when the white men came to the land they could not pronounce Umu-aku,so they modified it to Omoku.
From Alinwa's decendants in Ikiri,a great warlord- Abel Nwaeze & his wife Alice Nwaeze moved to settle in Omoku, there they gave birth to a son- Elemchukwu Nwaeze, who in turn gave birth to the narrator of this story "AJUMOKE NWAEZE-AJ. (Now you understand why my both names seem like a yoruba/Ibo name. I'm neither yoruba nor Ibo, I'm from Omoku in Ogbaland, River State).

The journey continues.....(As narrated by my unborn child's child) Ajumoke got married, had children, made a name.....and bla bla bla.
I know my root very well, do you know yours? That's the essence of this article; to inspire those who don't know or don't care to know about their origin, ask questions from your parents/grandparents while they are still alive, cos your children would want to know from you why and how they come from a particular tribe... Find out today, so when that question pops up in future you'll know what to say, and will share it confidently.

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