Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Dear Diary, "Could This Be" Video Premiere was a huge success

lt happened on Sun, 11th August 2013 @ 520 Kolanut Hall, Calabar.
It was an evening to remember....I was tensed and stressed initially,but remained blessed at the end.
5pm (the supposed event time): I was still in my hotel suite with the make-up artiste putting finishing touches on my oval cute shaped face.

AJ (Lady of the day)

The tension grew when I received a call that my Pastor was already at the venue and requested to see me.
Ahhhhh! I exclaimed...Pastor Tony is there and am not...I'm not used to the African timing; I always keep to my words when it comes to time, but 11th August was an exception.

Pst Tony Raphel, & C3 members
The event finally kicked off by 7pm...not that I was the reason for the delay (I was dressed and ready but the event couldn't have started until the sound, light and cameras were all set)
Red carpet interview was done by Ekeng Bassey of Ebony Live Tv, and Queen Vicky of Marvin Keyz Films.
The event was anchored by the effervescent TV/Radio presenter: Diana Mary, she didn't hold back smiles during the interview section with mua...and said "Aj you are an interviewer's delight" (which almost made my head burst, despite the fact that my friends said I was phonerizing during the interview)

Red Carpet Interview With Queen Vicky Of Marvin Keyz Film
Red Carpet Interview With Ekeng Bassey Of EbonyLive TV

Red Carpet Interview With Diana-Mary Nsan
I heard Sly's sleek voice performing Adele's "Someone Like You". (Ask me where I dey) I was backstage having an interview section with Obaji Akpet of Nations News Paper.
I missed T-shawn's performance, even Absolute Salsa's performance, but was fortunate not to miss Last Prophet's Comedy section and Mad-X dance performance.
Next, I heard the audience clapping cheering, It was my stage performance of "Could This Be"... I was concentrating more on "how to dance on my high heel shoes without falling" than on the song/dance routine itself (cos if to say I fall, BBC for carry am).

Mad X Performance

Absolute Salsa Performance

Last prophet

Performance of the day by AJ

Drums rolling.....time for the video to be shown, I sat next to my best friend and boss "Ceo Marvin Keyz Film", hands locked in his, My heart was in my mouth as I watched my video in slow motion (like it was my first time of seeing it).

AJ and CEO Marvin Keyz Film

The audience watched also in silent...digesting the motion pictures and connecting it with the "Behind The Scenes" they watched earlier.

As God will have it my fears, and uncertainty (of whether they'll appreciate the video or not) turned into SATISFACTION as the audience started screaming, clapping and cheering.
I heard more of squeaky cheery voices (off course from the ladies) they loved the part where I learnt self defence, and used it on my abusing spouse.
Yesssss! I smiled at Marvin Keyz, we made it,despite all.
Form my heart I say a very big THANK YOU to every one who made "Could This Be" video Premiere a huge success!

Brain Behind 'Could This Be" Video Premiere "Marvin Keyz"

Hot Ladies on the Red Carpet
AJ, Marvin Keyz and Mad X

Fan talking about the event
Hot Couples

Marvin Keyz Film
Ebony Live Tv
Diana Mary
Last Prophet
Arty's Concept
Multi-Point Solutions
Calabar City Church
La Shakara Wears

And to every one who will help spread the Video

Watch "Could This Be" On Youtube

Watch "The Making_Could this Be" Video

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  1. Teekay (Naija's classical/operaticpop singer)3 September 2013 at 15:53

    Absolutely phenomenal. You've become a huge success and an inspiration to ur fans. The sky is ur starting point. I'm so proud of you AJ.
    Teekay (classical/operaticpop singer)