Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Single Not Stupid

Right after my previous post "Once beaten, twice shot".
I got lots of instant messages, friends shared their experiences with me, how they handled (and for some... still handling) the assault thing, how such a relationship sulks...bla bla bla!
It was from one of those conversations that someone mentioned what I considered a good topic for this Post.

Single but not stupid!

Before now sex before marriage was sacrilege and was seen as a "Dare Not".
Before now getting pregnant and having a baby while single was bad market, and more like a taboo that brought shame not only to the girl but her family as well.
Every single lady prayed not to be in such a predicament especially the ones with very bright futures.

Single ladies celebrities were not allowed to get pregnant before they got married, cos if they do, their careers would be ruined. Marriages were hastily arranged
often by their management and family, due to fear of the stigmatization that comes with "Childbirth outside wedlock".
NB-Rushing into marriage because you are pregnant has not yet been proven as "a better option".

Today, no one wants to scorn celebrities that give birth before marriage, Single ladies not to mention teenage girls give birth every day thereby increasing the percentage of single mums worldwide.
We are beginning to have more of single mum's than married mums even in the entertainment industry.
The funny part is when a regular single lady gives birth...there's no much fuse, but when a celebrity does it becomes a trendy news, the media hypes it like indomie advert, and the men seem to be loving their courage and fertility.

Does it mean it is becoming the norm?
Does it mean they prefer it that way?
Does it mean it's the best way to be a role model?
Does it mean these women are single and stupid?
I don't think so....what do you think?

The truth is when bad things happen to good people, the news spreads faster than when good things happen to bad people, but the fact is...they may be single with a kid or two but they ain't stupid, they may not be "perfect", but they still remain your "Role Models".*tongue out*

If you've ever dated you'll know that some men can be funny sha, they want a lady to get pregnant before they take her to the altar...and when she's heavy with the child they tell her the marriage will hold after child delivery, and after delivery, issues arises and before you say "Apple Juice", he tells her "I'm sorry we can't go ahead with the marriage".
Awwwch! that hurts, now what do you expect the lady to do? Shove the baby down the toilet?

Caution is the word...being a celebrity doesn't make one a super human.

Any or a combination of these factors may lead to Baby Mama-hood

* Rape
* No Contraceptive
* Ignorance about ovulation or miscalculation
* Family disapproval of marriage partner
* Failed marriage promises
* High cost of Nigerian marriage rites

On the contrary some ladies choose to get pregnant, have kids and raise them all by them self without necessarily wanting to get married.
Its their choice, its their call, every one for herself.

Its amazing that 41% of babies do not have married parents.
Racial rating:
73% of black babies are born outside marriage
53% of of Latino babies are born outside marriage
29% of white babies are born outside marriage

This means we (blacks) practise Childbirth outside marriage more than other races.

Educational rating:
8% of university graduates give birth before marriage.

38% of University under-graduates give birth before marriage.

57% of high school graduates give birth before marriage.

65% of school drop outs give birth before marriage.

This means the higher your educational qualification the lower your chances are of giving birth before marriage.

NB: Most single parents were raised by a single parent, and their kids are more likely to end up as a single parent.

Well the good news is you can make a difference, you can protect your future, you can have kids, you can wait to conceive them after you say "I do", and you can be that Role Model that will mother my children's role model.

We are single but not stupid...Be wise.

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  1. NIce one AJ,,wrong things are being celebrated and hyped so much today.So,well spoken.