Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Night To Remember

"Hello sugar,” Lola sounded quite excited as she picked up Jake's call. "Ok I will be there right away, I just had my bath.” She ended the call and dropped her phone carelessly on the bed. She flung open her well stuck wardrobe and in a split minute she was already dressed up, looking simple but classy in her pink flowered flair dress, and applied a little make-up just to enhance her beautiful face. Hurriedly Lola wore a peep toe sandals, dived into her saloon car and drove off to her boyfriend's house where she couldn't wait to spend the weekend in.

Lola and Jake has been dating for five years now, and to say their relationship was a healthy one will be a total understatement, it was perfect, the envy of all, they were meant for each other and lived for each other.
She got to Jake's house around quarter past 8pm to meet him setting table for dinner, hmmmm!!! She teased, don't tell me its your cooking I'm perceiving, "Yea it is, I made dinner for you, just for you baby", Jake teased back.
Its quite unusual for Jake to handle kitchen wares, he rarely cooks but today was an exception. They had a romantic "Jake made" dinner with scented candles giving sweet aroma to the coziness of the entire sitting room, and a Marvin Gay's song playing softly in the background. They chatted about the day's activities as they ate, and rounded off the three coarse meal with Strawberry Cheese cake for dessert.

Lola cleared the dishes while Jake sorted a movie out of the DVD rack. They both settled down on the couch in the well furnished sitting room to watch a movie, It was a funny and interesting one (Tyler Perry's) but they didn't get to finish it as they got distracted with the usual attraction.
It started with a long hard laugh, then a silent mood, followed by a kiss, and then multiple kisses, Madea was busy entertaining herself on the big screen while Lola and Jake went on and on for hours doing what unmarried people shouldn't do. After what seemed like forever with four rounds of tongue-speaking, earth-shaking orgasm, they both were exhausted and laid quietly to rest. It was quite a night to remember.
"Sugar boo can we talk", Jake broke the silence, "we can do that in the morning, am so exhausted" replied Lola still breathing heavily, "I wish we can but it probably can't wait till dawn", Jake said in a rather tensed voice.
It was about 1.45am, the earliest hours of the morning when only witches in their covens were licensed to be awake. The previous day had been a busy day for both Lola and Jake working as a Customer Sales Representative and a Pilot respectively, weekends like this was one time these love birds get to spend enough time together aside the seven times a day frequent calls they make and wednesday lunch they had every week. They always had a lot to talk about, and say to each other since they were first best friends before lovers.
What could it be?, Lola raised her self up to give her boyfriend full attention, with an all listening ear to this very important thing that couldn't wait till morning.
Jake: (Looking her in the eyes) Sugar boo, these past five years of my life with you has been the best ever, and today's....was the highest point, you came into my life at the right time when I couldn't live one more second without you, I cherish you with my soul and body, and I love you dearly... that is why I wanted today to be a memorable day for u, and for me.
(Lola listened in silence as her eyes blinked repeatedly with excitement over Jake's sweet words)
Jake: (Taking her hands this time, and looking her straight into the eyes) Lola Will You M...
(At this point Lola had blanked out of Jake's Voice, she was fantasizing already, Yes! Yes! She said in her mind)
And then she came back to reality just in time to hear Jake's voicing saying something like..."married next month".
Next Month? I'm not ready yet, Lola almost screamed with enthusiasm.
Jake: Have you been listening to me?
Lola: Yes, (grinning profoundly) but I'll love to hear it again.
Jake: (sweating and more tensed this time) Lola, Will You M...make a promise that you'll be fine without me? Because I'm getting... married next month.


  1. Would like to share the personal messages I got from my contacts.
    Male (Married): Earth shaking orgasm, wow! Can someone actually do 4 rounds? Jake should not have broken up with her in such a callous way. Very sad.

  2. Would like to share the personal messages I got from my contacts.
    Female (single):
    Vicky : Will kill him, Its not funny I swear, Or I will spoil the wedding.

  3. Female (single): My dear, wat can I do, I'll jus carry myself to my house wit d little dignity left, n cry for a while
    Violence or revenge wudnt help
    At least I was happy wit him for 5yrs, life must go on.

  4. Here's what I'll do: 1. If I were the lady, I'll take 2 minutes, and act like I'm calmly absorbing everything, then in a split second, pick up a very sharp knife and stab him in the centre of his heart! *tongue out*. 2. If I were the guy, I'll say it quickly and walk away fast, making sure she aint behind my back... Singing *...As a sure boy..* in my head... ROTF. Fact is these things do happen in reality... Just goes to show the depth of "coldness" and depraved wickedness in the hearts of peeps these days...including "so-called" lovers. Nice post Aj! Another block-buster short story!

  5. Personal message from my contact.
    Male(single): wow! Dat wuz a gud 1. I think shit happenz. Buh also d guy iz evil,and come 2think of it, he went al dat roundz b4 sayn it. If i waz d gal il juz believ derz sm1 out der dat is beta dan him n he dosnt deserve her kinda lovin. @d same tym mayb d gal has done smthing similar b4. So it might b KARMA!