Thursday, 10 October 2013

HAIRLINE: Don't Make Men Prefer Ladies On Skin Cut

A woman's hair like they say is her crown of glory, truth! But I would say the hair style is the crown and the hair, the throne of glory.
So! Your hair style makes a powerful statement, which could either give you a princess crown on that throne of yours or make you look awful like a frog.

No doubt most African ladies want to look foreign, and with the likes of Brazilian, Mongolian, Peruvian and all what may, ladies go ahead to make just any hair style without actually considering if it suites their face, their style and the occasion.
I for one like to do something out of the usual, I like my hair simple but unique, something that best suites my face and displays the beauty in me, (I love one-sided/half hair sha...)

Aside following trend, the shape of your face should be the guide in choosing the best hair look, because some hair styles are more suitable for a particular shape of face.
For instance I do have a cute Oval shaped face (shaped like an egg), and for ladies with my kind of face, it's better to make hair styles that stay off the better parts of your face.
I'l be letting you in on the best hair styles for different face shapes, but before that let's find out what kind of face shape you got. 

How To Know Your Face Shape

Step 1- Take a self portrait: Hold the camera level with your face and take the picture straight-on, don't smile because you are trying to get your face shape in its most natural position, and smiling might make it harder to tell.
Stand in front of the mirror and use an old lipstick or a marker to trace the shape of your face.
Step 2- Examine the picture you took, or the outline you drew. What shape does it most closely resemble? Is it round, square, oblong, rectangular, heart-shaped or oval ?

OVAL FACE: This is the most regular and common shape of face for ladies around this part of the world.
Oval faces tend to look incredible with a wide range of hair styles, especially styles that show off the full features of the face, ranging from all back pony tail, tiny braids, afro, straight, curly, wavy hair, center/side patterns....they all go well with oval faces.
Keeping an average hair length, rather than a very long or very short one, can also make the face look less long.
Like I mentioned earlier i fall into this category, and to avoid looking like every other girl (since oval face is the most common) I make irregular hair styles.

NB: Oval face is always fine under any hair style but hiding those great facial features in some busy fringy hairdo isn't the best.

ROUND FACE: Bring out the best in your softer, round features by making Long flowing hairs, and wavy hairs to contrast the roundness, go for side patterns (they take some roundness off your face), avoid short bulky hairstyles too, (they make your face look like a football covered with grasses)

OBLONG FACE: This is the pretty innocent soft girls kinda face, they are the second most common face, but most of them come with this thing...what is it called again? "akawu" in ogba dialect, some tribes call it "ogo" others "ekpemgbe", anyway am simply referring to "protruding forehead" (Rihanna's kind).

Its not a bad shape though, if you can manage it well like Rihanna than you're good to go.Like you already know fringe (both full and half) are your best friend,
  but if you got high confidence level you could do all back hair styles.

SQUARE FACE: We hardly do have these kinda faces around here, but this might be a one in a million reach out. Square faces look beautiful with hair styles that call attention to the strong jaws and bold lines, chin-length bob makes the perfect frame for a square jaw, highlighting its angular beauty.
Long curls and waves can offset severe angles. Long straight hair provides an interesting contrast to a square face.
Avoid extremely short hairs, which may draw too much attention to the lower portion of the face, making it look larger.

HEART FACE: Medium and long-length hair is a good choice for heart-shaped faces; it provides balance to the face by filling in the area around the chin.

While a great hairstyle can lift years off your look and make you feel completely re-invigorated, the colour of the hair might just spoil the magic.
Choosing the right colour of hair extension (weavon, wigs or attachment) is also something to consider. Sometimes I wonder how cool it is for some dark girls who carry purple and green hair, to me they look like smurfs and avatars. No OFFENSE please!
Don't make men prefer ladies on skin cut.

  • Choose a colour that is close to natural. 
  • Pick a hair colour same as your eye colour.
  • Use an extension that has same colour with your hair, (especially if you're using your hair to cover the extension) or dye your hair to suit the extension.
  • Don't use more than two colours and keep it calm If you don't want to look like a peacock.
  • Brush your hair every morning before you step out, and every night before you go to bed.
  • Once in every while carry your natural hair for a week or more to enable it rest, and re-bounce (donut packing has made it a whole lot easier)

NB: never go to a salon without deciding what hair style you want to make (the hair stylist is the "wrongest" person to help you choose a style (except you trust their judgement over yours).
Only professional hair stylists can be trusted on that because we are very familiar with hair styles that look best on a face like yours.
And, as with any advice, take this guide with a heap spoon of salt. “These rules are basic and are meant to help lead you in the right direction", nevertheless, don't let anything get in the way of your desired hairstyle, theirs always room to experiment, go out of your comfort zone. Experiment! But don't come crying to me.

As you hit the salon this weekend be sure to make the best hairstyle: the one you feel most comfortable with, and brings out the nma-nmehe (beautiful s*n) in you. "Wink".

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  1. Wow,this was helpful...gotta experiment; though I'm scared of taking risks when its about my hair.