Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Introducing New Blog Line---» "Factually Correct".

Ok guys! It's been a little while I posted something for you to read (269,135 seconds ago to be precise). My bad! we should do this more often, and make good use of our internet access irrespective of our phone species.
whether you are blackberrized, iPhonized, samsungized or technotized, what matters is that your phone is smart and communicates, and can open AJ's Diary anytime anywhere.
I'll like to thank you all for consistently visiting AJ's Diary, thanks for all your comments and contributions, it only helps us serve you better.

From Thursday, 7th November we'll be introducing a new Blog Line among others which is tagged "Factually Correct".
"Factually Correct" is an interesting weekly post that will bring to you mixed facts of life, ranging from general knowledge, scientific discoveries, sex and relationships, food, health and even animalistic behaviors.
It promises to be educating, entertaining, and enlightening.

Do you know over 50% Nigerians do not know what the word "Eclipse" means, therefore do not know how to pronounce or spell it?
Some girls even ask their spouse for an eclipse gift.

Well funny, but its a fact and its correct. Join us this Thursday on "Factually Correct" as we reveal more interesting facts.

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