Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pause, Think before You Shine.

Just last week while in a conference I saw a very beautiful, "shinning like a sun" young lady, her skin was white and glowing, and i almost believed she was a Russian untill her yoruba accent got my attention, so i thought it neccessary to take a closer look at that glowing skin of hers.
It was a sight to behold; smooth, clear and white, a skin even Obama would want to lick and hold, i could have ended my inspection there but then she did the girl thing "running her hand all over her hair", jez! was that a ring? Who wears black rings on all five fingers?
She ran her hand over her hair again, low and behold it became crystal clear that she was'nt wearing black rings on her fingers, she had irritating charcoal black knockles. Immediately a cold shiver ran down my spine and all the admiration melted into cold detest.
All that glitters are not gold!

No doubt, Its the survival of the fittest in a world of preference like ours, where parents love the finest child, teachers pay more attention to the smartest kid, Polygamists prefer the youngest wife, Modelling agencies pick the skinniest girls, and black men go for ladies with the whitest skin.
If this be the case, what hapens to that ugly child at home, the dumb kid in school, the oldest wife of a polygamist, the chubby girls, and the "once most wanted" african ebony skinned ladies?
It baffles me that most of the dark girls i know are turning white, this is due to the high demand of black men wanting white flashy ladies, so our girls instead of making these men see the beauty beyond their dark skin, they choose to violate the black code and turn white all in the name of "looking good and getting appraisal".
Your phenotype (physical attributes) defines you, your origin and your race, the moment you change that identity you completely loose your essence.
And duhhhhh! If you're trying to get a man who wants fair kids, turning fair would not give you fair kids, because your genotpye remains the same even if you use hypo and yoghourt to bath.

You might be looking all white and flashy like a popcorn, but by the time you're in your late 40's your body begins to look like a disorganised rainbow colour and your skin will be weak and feeble due to so many accumulated unhealthy chemicals.
So if you're contemplating joining the Nigerian-White-Girls-Association please Pause, think before you shine.

Looking good ain't bad business i must say, but you may like to take a second look at that cream or soap you are about to pick off the shelf, cos who knows it just might be the beginning of the end of your ebony days.

Maintain And Bring Out The Best off Your Skin With These Tips-

* Dont go with your friend's precription, the perfect cream for her skin type might be the worse for yours.

* Always buy your cream, soap and body wash from a reliable and experienced cosmetician.

* Dont be in a hurry when buying something new, be it cream, soap or body wash, there are fake products everywhere.

* Take a minute or more to carefully read the label on the product you want to buy.
Check the ingredients, and side effects (if any).

* Go for products with SPF;Sun Protection Factor/sunscreen that prevents your skin from sun burn and scotching.

* If you want to tone a bit, go for products with carrot and vitamins,(expecially E and D) they give a natural bright tone to your skin, without neccesarily damaging your skin components.

* If you want to maintain your dark skin, go for products with ingredients from naturals like almond, cucumber, pear, and aloe vera instead of products with combination of just chemicals.

* If you want to turn white use Hypo, (Hypo Go Wipe O!) *Just kidding* (Turning white is not an option).

* Avoid mixing two or more different creams without analyzing the ingredients contained, they might be good individually but might have incompatible ingredients that can react badly when mixed together.

* Test a new product first on a part of your skin before using all over your body.

* Putting your cream in the refrigerator makes it more effective, and soothes your skin during hot/dry seasons.

* Avoid products containing above two percent of

* Once in a while exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells, also take a steam bath, it helps open the pores of your skin for easy absorption of any product applied.

* Blend and massage your cream into your skin not forgetting your kneels, elbows, ankles and knockles.

* If you cant afford expensive products you could go local with nchna-ogba (native soap) and ude-aki (kernel oil) or better still ijebu soap and ori (shea butter), but you'll need an expensive strong perfume to curtail the bush smell.

Always remember We are Africans, ebony/dark/chocolate/and beautiful, don't trade it for the white man's skin, cos he won't trade his for yours.

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  1. 9ice I learnt a lot but 1 funny thing I just saw n taught twas kinda weird is putting ur cream in a refrigerator..........????? n I was lyk π√π^^°°°°could dis b4 real.