Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ten Years Don waka!

If you liked West Life or Backstreet Boys You were sure to love the Nigerian version of it, their deep lyrics infused with local dialect, their captivating harmony, and their unique genre gave them that edge over every group at that time.
Styl-Plus! They really swept us off our feet with songs like "Olufunmi", "Runaway", "Call My Name", etc.

They had it all going well until they got lost in action, and later came back with "four years don waka", although I'm not a fan of that song but I do sing it all the same.
This whole Styl Plus Four years don waka song kept playing in my head last night (inspired by Malaria) and as I was singing it, it stroke me that 10 years don waka(10 years have waka - English translation).
How time flies, It's 10 years Since I left secondary school, and I still they carry go. Looking back at my last days in secondary school and all the good bye hugs and kisses I and my friends exchanged, I just laugh because as children we thought likewise.
As it stands I barely know where all those kids are, I have just One of them on my bbm list, 2 on whatsapp and God knows how many on my fb, as for phone calls, they only call when they see me on TV. The truth is as we grow priorities change, we get too busy with our personal lives, but no matter how caught up we are in life we can still squeeze out time to remember those childhood friends who made an impact in our lives (good or bad).
Some dude sent me fb request some time ago and he was like "we were class mates in primary school", I looked at the face and remembered him without stress because he was my personal BULLY (he made sure I cried home every day), and I remember him for that reason.
For me in all three secondary schools I attended I was always the smallest in my class, the loudest and an A+ student, so I didn't have a problem getting known, but I had a problem knowing every other person who didn't tag a unique nature to their face/name.
If you were to imagine yourself in your SS.3 class (for those of you who didn't skip) which of your friends/Classmates can you remember? What do you remember them for? If they do this same therapy...will they remember you? What will they remember you for?
People Say Friends are forever, I say friendship is for now, so make the best of the friends you have now, impact all you can into their lives and allow them do the same, because who knows 10/20years down the line you might not be friends again, or not as close as you are now, your memories might be all you have to replay the good moments and great experiences you had together.
I still have some friends outside school that I've known for over 10 years and beyond, though we are not as close as we used to be...we are still friends.

And to my High School Classmates,
From Archedeacon Crowther Memorial Girls to Chuon Vocational to Immaculate Comprehensive.
I remember all your faces even if I can't recall all your names, I miss all the times we shared together, you made my high school days worth remembering,
I love you all but the truth remains
"10 Friends Dont Play Together For 10 Years".

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