Monday, 30 December 2013


Two thousand and thirteen has been a year of diplomacy, diversity, development & discovery for me, it was quite a fulfilling year although I didn't achieve 40% of my set goals for the year.
I bet i am not the only one, if you didn't achieve 100% of your set goals for 2013 be grateful for life, for as long as you stayed alive till this moment,  there is hope that you will remain alive to accomplish all your plans in 2014.
I really appreciate you for taking time all the time to read my articles, and for the inspiring comments, it gives me this assurance that my brain child is accepted and appreciated, and that i haven't been wasting my paper/pen and internet subscription.
Here is a brief run down of most read articles on AJ's Diary.
Feel free to refresh your memory about them, maybe this time you will remember some one who needs these words more than you do.

Read and Share! No knowledge goes to waste.
Knowing you are always here to read when I write, I promise to bring you more sensible/thought provoking articles in 2014, i also have made available advert spaces where you can advertise your products and services at a moderate fee. Till then stay positive and have a beautiful cross over.
See You In 2014. *dancing skelewu*

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