Sunday, 19 January 2014

Letter To My Friends

This year started well for us all, and I suggest it remains that way. There have been too many heat and pressure on the morals of this country lately, ranging from corruption to militancy, terrorism, and now Homosexuality? As an individual and a country we have better issues to channel our strength to, but we can not neglect the issue on ground  because our children are at a high risk if we follow the trend of the white man. This is my reason for posting this letter on behalf of every Nigerian who is standing for the right cause on homosexuality

Dear Oyinbo,

We have been following your words and teachings all these while because we love to be your friend.
You asked us to wear COAT under hot sun, we did! *great idea*
You said we should SPEAK your language, we obediently dumped our sweet mother tongue for yours.
You asked us to TIE a rope around our necks like goats, we obeyed!
You said our ladies should wear DEAD people's hair instead of the natural ones God gave to them, they obeyed!
You said we should marry just one woman in the midst of plenty damsels, we RELUCTANTLY obeyed! *beautiful idea*
You said our decent girls should wear CATAPULTS instead of covered pants, they obeyed!
You asked us to use RUBBER in order to control our birth rate , we still obeyed even when it denied us the real sweetness!
Now what did you say we should do again? 
You want our men to sleep with fellow men AND our women with fellow women so that God would visit us like he visisted Sodom and Gomorah?
Oyinbo, we say tufiakwa! Alu!
We accepted your every suggestions and requests in the past because we saw sense in it and what we stand to gain, but on this gay issue we do not see why we should practice something that would send us all to hell faster than expected. In as much as we still love to be your friend we wouldn't compromise our belief and morals for that cause.
We can not practice homosexuality because it is wrong and is not in our culture, same way you can not practice the African Man's Polygamy.
What do you intend to do with all the straight single men and women who's spouse has been Sodom and Gomorahized? 
As Nigerians we say NO to gay relationships, it is ok for us to disagree with you for once. FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
And to my Nigerian Friends,
Whenever we close our eyes to pray, in our homes or our different denominations, let us ask God to forgive those countries that practice Sodom and Gomorrah-ity, and let us commit our brothers and sisters who support Homosexuality to the hands of the Almighty God because him alone can renew their minds and conform them to the right lifestyle.

Have a great week ahead.

Ajumoke Nwaeze, 2014.



  1. Yes! We say no to western culture this time and we putting our foot down on this would they like it if we imposed a stupid law on them? Tah! Abasi Akan

  2. I say NO, over and over again. Feel free to drop your comments on this controversial subject, our voices need to be heard.