Thursday, 2 January 2014

What Next?

Christmas is over, what's next after the celebrations? It's a brand new year, permit me to say "Happy New Year" and Welcome to 2014: that very special year we have all been waiting for. As expected we all have made our new year resolutions and of course we also have our slogans for the year.
Different people have different slogans for the year, "The year of my wealth", "My year of sudden transformation", "My year of Change of Status", and so on and forth.

It really doesn't matter what you tag the year what matters is what you do. Those deliberate steps you take to make your slogan of the year come to pass.
Deciding your destination before embarking on a trip is one sure way that you will arrive at the planned destination without missing your way. And like the saying goes "If you do not have a target,  you cannot hit one."
"What are your targets for 2014?"
I would have asked "What is your target for 2014?" but you know 2014 is a whole year with 365 days and having just one target will be termed  "not good enough". You should have atleast one major target for each month, and a clear means on how to achieve these targets.
Set goals for your family, your career, finances, health, relationship, and most importantly your spiritual life.
* Write down your targets.
* Develop a plan on how to achieve them.
* Develop a sincere desire to achieve these targets.
* Build up confidence in your self and abilities.
* Stay determined to follow through your targets regardless of obstacles.
* Take action immediately.
According to Robert Schuller: "If we fail to plan, we are planning to fail".
Remember to make your goals as easy as ABC 
Be rest assured that if you play your cards well, doing the right things at the right time, 2014 will have no choice but to be your best year ever.


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