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Boarding School Is As Good As A Public Parking Lot.

Just last week I and my colleagues at the station were having an interesting discussion about our secondary school days. They all shared there experiences and I noticed that the ones that were boarders in secondary school had a different opinion about "School life" compared to the ones that were day students.
As expected the discussion turned into an argument and the bone of contention was whether parents should send their children to boarding school or allow them go from the house.

I for one have never found myself within the four walls of a dormitory, but I know exactly what goes down in boarding houses. 

Well, you might say I am a novice on this topic but I can assure you I have heard way too many gists from friends and cousins who were boarders all through their secondary school days.
Now don't get me wrong, I am not for or against you sending your children off to the Dorm, I am only Concerned about the psychological, physical, emotional and behavioural impact it has on children who spend two-thirds of each year in boarding houses far away from home.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Most Parents Send Their Kids Off To Boarding School. 
* To have enough time for work and themselves.
* Punishment and disciplinary measures for stubborn kids.
* To help the child concentrate with school work.
* To expose the child to social life.
* To give the child a sense of independence and responsibility.
* To follow trend with friends and family sending their kids to boarding schools.

It is true that boarding house exposes a child to socialism and independence, but at the same time boarding house can contaminate/corrupt your child and also plays a huge role in moulding his/her future, especially in this present age where you could find a seven year old student.
Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Reconsider Not Sending Your Child/Ward To A Boarding School.
* As a parent sending your child off to a boarding school at an early age will deny you the opportunity to understand that child and partake fully in raising him/her up to your standard. You have limited time with them as they get to spend four months away and two weeks with you except on long holidays.
* Boarders lack bond with their parents and siblings. They tend to obey and place value on their friends and teachers more than family because they spend most of their time with these people.
* Shipping a child off to an unknown territory where they are frequently starved and maltreated by both students and teachers could reduce the health level of the child and even dent his/her self esteem.
* Unnecessary punishments in dormitories could make a child stubborn, so if you want to cut down your child's stubbornness or raise a stubborn free child your home is a better place than the dormitory.
* A child in boarding school is at a higher risk of being influenced by peer group because there are  no concerned adults around to give them the right answers to their numerous questions.
* Boarders are more exposed to bullies and bad friends who make them do things they won't naturally do. They also have the tendency to become bullies as a way of protecting themselves and hiding their low self esteem.  
* Most homosexuals are products of boarding schools.
Homosexuality is at it's peak in boarding schools, and if a child is not matured enough to distinguish good from evil they will be led astray.
* In the quest for survival boarders tend to be self centered and carry that habit into adulthood. (Wondering If some Nigerian Politicians were once boarders) *lip sealed*.
* Stealing, Smoking, Mass rape, Cultism and Witchcraft are popular practices in dormitories. You wouldn't want your child involved in any of these.
* Children in boarding schools are  like cars parked at public parking lots, they are at owners risk. Whatever happens to your child in boarding school is your own cup of zobo.
The decision is yours to make as a parent/guardian and of course with the person you are co-parenting with. So If you are yet to marry I suggest you discuss this with your husband/wife to-be before the marriage to avoid locking heads over your different strong opinions when its time for your child to go to school.

NB: Children learn values from home, knowledge from school and habits from friends. Your home is the safest and best place to raise a God fearing and decent child in the midst of a family who truly cares. But if you still insist on sending your child to a boarding school do so when the child is in senior secondary. That way the child is already matured and conformed to your teachings, and is at low risk of being influenced or maltreated in a dormitory far away from home. 
©Ajumoke Nwaeze 2014.
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  1. Very thoughtful AJ! Nice post! Learnt a thing or two...and I agree on some points ... though not all *tongue out*