Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Way Forward

In my previous post Which Way Forward? I categorically talked about five groups of poverty driven beggars in our country and their strive for survival.
I also mentioned how their strive for survival pollutes and corrupts our society making it uncomfortable for every other person to live in peacefully.
What I didn't mention is that there are more beggars outside these four circles, you only need to be observant to notice them. And as long as the system doesn't change these beggars would not quit begging.
In as much as every individual has a part to play to correct these national ills, the bulk role is left for the Federal/State Government to play.
As a Citizen of a country as wealthy as Nigeria we should be entitled to basic needs like good food on our table, Clean clothes on our back and a roof over our head.
Nigerians need to be sane in a sane environment in other to be seen as sane people by other countries.

If Nigerians Have All These Life Will Be Better
* Free available Food, Clothes and Shelter for under aged and aged people who have no family.
* Reasonably reduced Petrol price.
* Refineries in every oil producing state.
* Street lights on every street.
* Constant/uninterrupted light supply.
* Renewed Roads and well equipped hospitals.
* Functioning emergency response
* Well paid Police and other security
* Early Payment of Public workers Especially teachers.
* Facility homes for Stray kids where they can grow safely.
* Motivational/Vocational centers for Handicaps to help them discover the potential abilities in their deformities.
* Sponsored schools and craft centers for Illiterates/touts.
* Free and compulsory primary education.
* Immediate employment for Graduates.
* Reduced working experience requirements for new graduates.
* Availability of daily paid/part time job opportunities for young undergraduates and secondary students.
* Low cost houses available to the poor.
* Accountability tests for all aspiring politicians before they can be elected into any position.
* Free and fair election.
* Young political leaders.
* Responsible men who would spend more time at home after work instead of in bars.
* Decent young girls who will remain in school and not chase after rich old men.
* Men and women who will not be attracted to their kind but the opposite kind.
* God fearing and transparent leaders.
* Peace and security in every state in the country.
Am I asking for too much?

©Ajumoke Nwaeze 2014.
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