Sunday, 2 March 2014

What's Up?

Its a very beautiful day I must say, a beautiful day in the month of March. Don't you just wonder why the year is flying in so much haste? Just a few moons back we ushered the new year, and before we could complete the "Happy New Year" cliche, Valentine crept in. It's March already and before we say "Apple Juice" Lent will begin and Easter would be done with, arrgghh.

Anyway, it's a good thing that the year just like me can't wait to get to the best part. It's also a good thing that the later part of the year which is the best part will be determined by the foundation laid in the first quarter of the year.
Just in case you are yet to notice its already the last month of the first quarter.
Remember what I wrote the first post of the year "What Next?" , about writing down your targets for the year and working towards achieving them. How far have you gone with working to achieve your written goals for this first quarter?
 I ain't snooping into your business, but you should know by now that I am just a caring writer who wants to know how her readers are fairing *In Martin Lawrence's voice* "What's Up?".

 I not a secretive person so I would like to share how my first two months in 2014 went.
I was busy: Parking concrete, mixing cement, laying down blocks and building my foundation for a better 2014.
I relocated to another State and tried surviving in an interior Village (unlike me who loves modernization).
I met a couple of new and interesting friends (as planned), I also met one or two haters in friendly clothes (not planned but necessary to make my story more  interesting).
I explored a new professional and creative territory which opened up the other side of me. You are familiar with my love for being heard (whether through singing, talking or writing) So working as an On Air Personality in a Radio station was just another medium for me to voice out my thoughts. And I didn't hesitate to grab the studio mic when it came because it was already written down as one of my goals for the first quarter.
In the last two months I developed the ability to be calm when angry.
I adapted the trick of diplomacy in my vocabulary, I also added new words like Ibiaku Uruan (name of the Village where the radio station was) and Ifot (witch- most common used term in the village) into my vocabulary.
I learnt how to shut out every noise when I get to sleep including heavy snoring from my colleagues
I learnt how to wake up by and walk down a lonely and dreadful track road (which I won't do on a normal day).
I learnt how to constantly drain out innovative ideas from my Medulla oblongata without passing out.
I learnt how to cut down on irrelevant expenses (although I still drink hollandia yoghurt every day).
I learnt how to curtail my farting habits especially while On Air and during office meetings.
I learnt how to combine broadcasting, singing and writing just like combining soaked garri, sugar and groundnut.  
I learnt how to be my best on my First Formal Job (FFJ).
I also learnt how to love more, and appreciate God and my family.

The list is quite long, but like our BBC trainer would say "Keep it short and simple".
In a space of 60 days I have successfully laid the right foundation for 2014 but if you say I haven't learnt any thing or developed in any way these past two months, then I urge you to attempt dropping one bad habit and picking two good ones before March runs out.
Happy New Month!

©Ajumoke Nwaeze 2014.

Stay Positive.

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  1. I learnt that a star will always shine especially in the Dark. Most don't like the light you know.