Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Why Beef When You Can Fry Your Own Fish.

We used to walk to and back from school every single day. In the evenings he would be back at my house to chat and play with I and my younger siblings. We were always together: he would escort me to the market, he would help me pound pepper whenever I am asked to cook, he even helped me loosen my hair and some times tried to plait my hair. I and my cousin Mela were so close to the point we started getting emotionally attached. He was two years older than me but I was his senior in school, he wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer, I wanted to be seen on TV for good reasons.

During my S.S.3 first term (way before I featured in my first reality TV show) Mela fell ill, he missed school for one full term. I felt awkward being all by myself, and the worst part I couldn't see him because he was taken to a far away town for treatment. All medical diagnosis showed there was nothing wrong with my cousin, but he was depreciating by the day. It was concluded that the illness was a diabolic case. Mela was the only son of his father who had another wife, his step mum was seriously working hard to eradicate him from the family tree since she couldn't have her own child. Ifot!

Heaven finally answered our prayers as Mela came back to town and to school although he was still recovering.
Two weeks after his return, Our Principal came to the morning assembly to announce that Mela was no more...it sounded funny to me because he was like 90% recovered, I just bursted out into laughter.
I remembered once he told me when he dies his class mates will contribute condolence money and give to me as compensation. I thought it was a mere talk, I didn't perceive he was trying to pass a message across. It took me some hours to grab the message our Principal delivered and when I finally did I cried my life out but thank God I didn't die. I cried because Mela never became his much aspired Mechanical Engineer and he never saw me on TV.
It was such a great loss.
Mamud was my neighbour's son, he was a nice and ambitious boy in his early teens, he was humorous and brought comic relief to every one in the compound. Born into a Muslim family Mamud frequently joined us to Church and he loved being a convert.
He was also very bright in school and wanted to be a Pediatrician (Children Doctor) as opposed to his elder brother who was already a professional Robber.
Mamud was a boarder in a Federal Secondary School in Enugu. Normally his dad always travel down to Enugu to pick him from the hostel the day school closes for the term, but on this particular occasion Mamud convinced his dad that he could travel back home on his own.
It was already late to travel so Mamud was advised to leave the trip for the next morning.
That night while bathing beside the hostel bathroom, my young neighbour mistakenly splashed water on a passing classmate. The Classmate in question had eyes for the post of Deputy Senior Prefect (DSP) but unfortunately for him smart Mamud got the post. So this boy used the opportunity to unleash all his anger and jealousy. Mamud apologized to the boy for pouring water on him but the boy kept flaring up and continued ranting. If only Mamud knew he would have gone to bed that night without bathing or at least bath inside the bathroom.
The ranting didn't end there as the angry student brought out a dagger and slit open Mamud's throat. That was it! we never saw the aspiring Doctor again because he bled to death that night.

Tragic! these were my close friends, these were great men in the making whose lives were cut short before their eighteenth birthday by some lousy cannibals all because of jealousy.
The English dictionary explains Jealousy as a resentment towards someone for a perceived advantage or superiority they hold. Jealousy they say is the root of hatred, this hatred leads to evil thoughts that in turn leads to the desire to harm the target.
My Question is "Why Beef When you can fry your own fish?"
Every one is special and unique in their own way: if you fail to discover your purpose and choose to envy the next person then you will lose your essence.
Imagine you are on a 100 meter race with someone, instead of focusing on your track you are busy looking at the next person and plotting for that person to Sprain an ankle so you can overtake.
It only shows you don't trust your abilities to perform without harming your competition.
Well there is always a consequence for any ill action: Mela's step mum never gave birth and was sent packing by her husband. Mamud's classmate on the other hand although a minor served a reasonable jail term.

Morals: Jealousy is our worse enemy we should run away from it. In case you are still harboring an evil thought for someone due to jealousy, I wish you a renewal of mind because you will no doubt regret your action the moment you let it happen.
Your punishment could be worse!

To My Fallen Buddies-Mela and Mamud, May Your Gentle Souls Rest In Perfect Peace.       We Miss You!

©Ajumoke Nwaeze 2014.

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Stay Positive.


  1. Great moral lesson to learn from your story Aj! Nice!

  2. RIP MAMUD. I always miss you.NICE one AJ. with love from ELCUTIEE