Sunday, 11 May 2014

Celebrating Our Priceless Jewels

If you have at any point in your life witnessed child birth you will agree with me that being a mother is a huge task. After successfully bringing in a child into the world she still has the responsibility of nursing, raising and grooming it into adulthood.

Indeed, motherhood is a full-time job. It could be strenuous especially for new mothers, but the basic fact remains: there is joy, and satisfaction in motherhood.
The woman is the most magnificent artwork of God, she is beautiful, priceless, understanding, and uniquely crafted in her splendor.

Mothers are the true meaning of life, they add life and colour to anything they come in contact with. Although we sometimes see her as a domestic engineer, but as far as influence is concerned, he who rocks the cradle rules the world.
This is why we need to identify the importance of having a mother figure in our lives, and learn to constantly give her the respect she deserves.
The 5th commandment says we should honor our mothers and fathers (biological or otherwise) so that our days will be long on earth.
Some people treat their mothers like strangers, others like pests, while some others even wish someone else's mum was theirs. If you fall in the last category I urge you to retrieve that wish, because your mum is the right, and the best mum for you.

Therefore, accept her for who she is, appreciate her for everything she has been doing for you, and most importantly support her and be proud to show her off to the world.
Join us today as we celebrate mothers all over the world. Mothers in all connotations: Actual, Acting and Potential Mothers. Say something nice to that mother figure in your life, give her a special gift that best expresses how you feel about her, and you will be glad you did.
Dear mothers,
Thank you for your love, patience, sacrifices, and all your heart felt prayers. We are heaven blessed to have you as a mother, wife, sister, friend, and mentor. We Love You.

Download this special song for your mother "Isn't She Lovely" by Steven Wonder.

Have a great week ahead

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