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Letter To Men: Pot Belly Syndrome

Dear Men,
Having pot belly is not a sign that you are wealthy (or going to be wealthy), that your wife is taking good care if you, or that you are now “settled”. As a matter of fact, you should be unsettled if you discover your tummy is beginning to obstruct your view downwards.
Unfortunately, it is an ancient African (and particularly Nigerian) mentality for men, that having pot belly is a good thing. Some men practically and subconsciously work at developing pot bellies (sic). With the belief that:

* It is a sign of wealth or soon-coming wealth;
* It is a sign that the wife is taking good care of him with good cooking, more especially for the newly married.
* It is a sign of respect: men with pot bellies are regarded as “big” men and should be respected. The reverse is usually the case for men with flat bellies.
Having pot belly is now regarded as "old school", flat tummy is the in thing, and trust ladies, we are more attracted to cool fit guys with great ABS. It gives us a sense of manliness and security. 
We sometimes assume a man's strength by the number of muscle packs he has. Lame assumption right? but we barely go wrong with that.
If you are tired of carrying that pot of yours around, you need to first pay attention to know how you got the pot, and how to get rid of it.
Causes of pot belly syndrome (PBS)
A number of factors are responsible for developing a pouch stomach a.k.a pot belly (this has been observed to be increasingly prevalent in women too!) including genetic predisposition. However, generally there are several causes of pot belly in men:
Top Reasons for Having Pot belly
Too much beer: Alcohol obviously is not digested when ingested, it only fills the tummy with gas and expands the stomach walls. It also deposits little amount of fats on them making it look bigger and grow gradually into a “pot”.
Over feeding: One leading cause of pot belly is excessive and/or routine consumption of large quantity of food. Men eat relatively more than women because they tend to expend more energy to work. When the digestive system has too many things to digest at once, it wears off easily and stops working due to overload. The tummy is even far stretch with large quantity of meals.

Eating late night meals : Eating heavy meals beyond 7pm does not give your body enough time to digest the food before you go to bed. The undigested remnant comes together to form pot belly over time.

Wrong food choices: Too much carbohydrates without supplementing with other classes of food is not healthy for the stomach.Junk food not healthy.

Chewing gum: Research has shown that chewing gum makes you swallow a lot of air, which inflates the belly until it is expelled.

Not Moving Enough: Sitting at a place/staying inactive for hours every day could lead to having protruding stomach.

Lack of exercise: Most men want to look like Messi but they don't want to exercise. Your fatigue body will definitely store fat if not exercised.

Hormonal fluctuations: With age, hormonal changes can contribute to belly fat gain. Stress hormones are a leading contributor to excessive belly fat as well.
As harmless as a pot belly looks, it sometimes is an indication of poor health, can make you vulnerable to other health conditions and can be a source for concern later in life. Medically, there are simple tips to avoid developing a pot belly and for maintaining a healthy trim belly.

Here are a few tips:
Adopt light eating habit:  Eat little frequent meals instead of one large meal. Try light foods such as salads and fish and drink plenty of water. But in doing this, don’t starve yourself.

Take it easy on the beer: Its common knowledge that a lot of guys binge on alcohol, but I advice you take only a little for your stomach's sake.

Exercise: We know the drill–jug, work out, do “sit-ups” and push-ups. All these exercise routines will help tighten up your stomach wall muscles and ultimately reduce your tummy fat. The catch here is that you actually work out and not wish your belly would automatically become flat without some work, sweat, exertion and energy. Stay active, stay agile.
Always remember that the ladies are more attracted to cool fit guys with great ABS, because it gives us a sense of manliness and security. 

Yours Sincerely,

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