Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Put A Smile On A Child's Face Today

May 27 had always been a busy day and a day to look forward to as a child.  Although I wasn't the type to participate in marching at the stadium and all of that, I just loved the feeling that I was a child and it was children's day: A day I can ask and get anything of my choice from my  parents provided its not too expensive.

It used to be fun, children would populate every public place, parents would take their kids to every leisure place there is...the Zoo included. If  you missed seeing a particular animal because it was sleeping you would have to wait till the next children's day to see it. Ice cream and chocolate sold the most as every child would have either one or both of them at hand almost the whole day.
The aftermath of course will be spending some quality time in the toilet.

This is how I and most privileged children spent their Children's day.
Their are thousands of children in our immediate society who are not privileged to celebrate children's day. They don't even know what it is like to be loved or celebrated, to them children's day is just like every other day, with no food and no roof over their head.

We can show them love, we can celebrate for and with them, they are everywhere around.  Check the streets, there are lots of stray kids that need loving even if its just for today. If you don't see any on the streets go find them in orphanage homes.
List of Orphanage Homes
Destiny Children Home. Amor drive, Abitu off Jebs, Anantiga.
Mother Elizabeth Redeemed Children Home,  Ambo.
Orphanage Home, Bateba.
Mother Charles Walker Children Home
Anunwa Uyo.
The Child And Green Foundation
Trans Amadi.
Priesthood International Mission Home.
Little Saints Orphanage
Strong Tower House, 6B, D'alberto Road, Palmgrove Estate.
Unicef Orphanage Motherless Home
Airport Road, Ikeja.
Liberation Orphanage Home
City Of Refuge Home
5 Visitula close, Panama street,  Maitama.
Sos Children's Village
Secretariat Road.
Put A Smile On A Child's Face Today

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