Saturday, 31 May 2014

Something Worse Than G-String Pant!

We are not done with wearing G-String panties they have come again with something worse than G-String.
Ladies, would you wear this adhesive  strapless G-string?

A US lingerie company has invented a strapless panty that shows no hint of visible pant line under any cloth. It's called Shibue Strapless Panty and its a self-adhesive strip of polyester fabric, with a cotton lining and silicone strips that reaches from the top of your lady region back to the tip of your tailbone. It can be washed and worn repeatedly.

Its a solution though for those ladies who embarrass themselves by not wearing the right kind of panties under transparent clothes, and for those who intentionally wear their clothes without panties in the name of wanting to look sexy. On the contrary wearing Shibue Strapless Panty is as good as going naked because it sincerely covers nothing significant.
Well, just my opinion, I hope you like the invention. Left to me I won't wear any Shibue things (sounds like chibok to me) I will cover my genitals with bucket pants (like my friends call it) because old school is the new sexy!

According to the lingerie company "The panty has no sides to leave unwanted lines, indentations, or bulges. Even your most stubborn outfit will succumb to the flawless look offered by Shibue panty".

It's the first and only strapless panty in the market and it costs $15, which is about N2k. Would you ladies wear this? For those interested, you can find out more on their website - CLICK HERE 

 © Ajumoke Nwaeze



  1. hmmmm, I taya oh!

  2. which one strapless again...gals neva kill us with gstring finish, na strapless now...nawa oh!!