Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Non-Working Staff

Its amazing how good we are in painting colourful pictures with our mind's pen when we are not painters. We have this well painted picture of how our life will be or should be, in the sequence and pattern we expect it to follow.
An average Nigerian has a picture like this:

Although different people have different sequences of how it should follow but in all, No.1 and No.8 maintain their positions.
We have painted this picture so perfectly that we allow it blind our eyes, we literally set it as wall paper in our mind and we forget that by doing so we are setting limits for ourselves
Who says life should follow a particular pattern? What if I decide to put Wealth at the top of the chart, and graduation at the bottom.

What if I erase every other thing from the chart and leave Happy Ever After at the bottom, this is even better because it gives me an almost empty picture board to paint as I go, it allows me identify every opportunity that comes my way without being stereotyped to a pattern.

It is not wrong to have a painted picture of your life as a guide but sometimes this picture can be restricting.
Most times when we hold on to such pictures we tend to follow through the image on the top list before moving to the next.
For instance, someone who has graduation on his top chart would spend time even years trying to get admission into the university because he thinks he has to be a graduate first before any other thing can follow. He rejects good job offers because from his chart Job comes after graduation. He might even lose a wife material because to him "its not time yet".
Employers are not helping matters, they forget the country in which we live, they set unrealistic criteria for employment (not more than 25 years with 3years experience), They love to employ young blood: What happens to individuals who graduate at 35? Where would they get years of experience from? If every employer would not employ someone without work experience.
Although civil servants are exceptions, they can be employed at any age even at 60, provided they have birth certificate that confirms a younger age. That's why we have lots of non-working staff at the ministries, they are just to old to perform their duties, all they do is sign in, sit, chat, then sign out by 4pm.
Well, if you plan to have a better life than that you would have to work it out now.
How about drawing your picture in HB pencil, it is easier that way to erase and redraw when the image on the top chart  refuses to move. How about working for yourself while waiting for admission, or a job.
Embrace every opportunity that come your way and be ready to alter the sequence at any given time. Life is too short to waste even a minute trying to achieve one thing when there are lots of other things to be achieved.
Be flexible, be sensitive, be open to every opportunity!

Watch out for The Non-Academic Student 
©Ajumoke Nwaeze 2014.
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