Thursday, 19 June 2014

Odour Producing Neighbors

That Sunday was an awful one for my sense organs. I walked into church that morning hoping to hear the word and be lifted, rather I perceived the worst and was drifted.
I sat on the third row, in the left wing of my big cozy church auditorium. Just as I settled down I looked around to observe my environment (like I always do). Seated by my left was a young lady in her early twenties, she was quite beautiful and was on a long wavy Mongolian hair.

On the other side (my right) was a sleek looking young man in his late thirties. He wore a neatly cut, well ironed, navy blue law suit, he looked very knowledgeable with his Spenser glasses, and smelt very sophisticated with his expensive perfume. I felt at ease as I welcomed myself to church.
Closing my eyes for a second, I stretched myself, crossed my legs, and took a deep breath to prepare myself for the word.
Hmmmm! what was that smell? I pinched my nose, and tried sniffing a second time. Where could such foul smell come from?
I tilted a tiny bit to the left as i sniffed for the third time.

Wow! unbelievable! the cute damsel by my side had a bad smelling-aging Mongolian hair. Her hair oozed out hot mint that made my eyes blink repeatedly, and a foul smell which forced me to turn away to the other side.
*Exhaling* I felt a bit relieved when I turned to my right to perceive the nice perfume from the sleek guy, although he sprayed so much of it, the fragrance compensated my noise from the oozing hair on my left.

The temperature of the church auditorium gradually dropped as the AC was increased and I began to perceive things again, which made me loose concentration. Why would this fine lady decide to contaminate my noise with her stinky hair? I thought to myself, but then the smell got gross with every air I inhaled. Little did I know that I was in midst of odour-producing-neighbors. kai!
The sleek looking guy raised and crossed his leg, and immediately a fowl smell like the mixture of rotten fish and wet baby diaper hit my noise. The smell was coming from his socks, and some from his well tailored suit. His perfume was wearing off faster than expected so I could perceive the dried sweat from his suit.

Yulk! I couldn't believe my nose, how could these two almost perfect looking adults produce so much offensive odour from their bodies?
I didn't wait any longer as I left the auditorium immediately the pastor said "amen".

Body odour can be very embarrassing and can tarnish the image of even the most prestigious.
Some people neglect certain sensitive parts of their body not knowing it can cause permanent odour if neglected over time.

Simple Tips To Avoid Body Odour

* Wash your natural hair every week
* Wash your human hair after every use.
* Change your sanitary pad every 3 hours
* Soak once worn undies with hot water and detergents,  wash and sun dry. (heat from sun kill some germs detergents cant kill).

 * Wash your socks after each use, never repeat a dirty socks or boxers.
 * Bath any time you sweat aside the normal morning and evening bath.

 * Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
 * Air/Sun dry thick clothes like suit/wrappers that do not require immediate washing after each use.
 * Take time to wash your naval, foot, in-between toes, armpit and genital areas. These dented areas contain more dirt than body surface.
 * Use mild but long lasting body/hair spray and perfume. 

Stay Clean Always, Avoid Odour Of Any Kind.

© Ajumoke Nwaeze 2014
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