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Get Noticed With Amazing Hair Style

Anyone with a head full of hair can attest to the fact that when it looks great, it truly is an amazing sight.
Once in a while we wear different hair styles to have different looks. From Straight hair, to curls and even dreads. Every lady wants to look beautifully different to attract the right man. Remember that your hair has a way of bringing out the You in you: Straight hair makes the face look rounder, older, and stern, while curly hair gives you a sassy and young girly look, which is the preferred look for most young ladies, including me.

As Africans we are not naturally blessed with curly hair but the good thing about curls is that it doesn't have to be natural to look perfect. Perms, hot rollers, curling irons and even the simple wet braid trick can transform straight hair into vibrant, curly hair.

The most trendy way of giving your hair a vivacious natural curly look is Straw curls.
This style is eye-catching and looks tricky to achieve. However, the looks can be deceiving, as it rolls up the hair into a short spiral fold. It is similar with the normal washing and setting we know but plastic drinking straws are used to roll the hair instead of the conventional rollers.

Although it is time consuming (approx 4 hours, 3 hours to roll and 1 hour to dry) the after effect is me!

Things You Need To Make Straw Curls.
1. Plastic drinking straws
2. Hair pins
3. Hair mousse, or setting lotion
4. Spray gel. 
5. Dryer. 

How To Make Straw Curls
1. Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner.
2. Dry with a towel.
3. Apply mousse, or setting lotion.
4. Cut the drinking straws to a size an inch or two longer than your hair.
5. Cut out the hair in small sections. The curl will be tighter if the hair section is smaller.
6. Apply spray gel to the section of hair about to be rolled.
7. Roll the hair: wrap sections of hair around the straw, starting at the bottom and rolling downward towards the scalp.
8. Secure by pinning the inside of the curl lengthwise against the scalp.
9. Dry hair under a hooded dryer until its completely dry.
10. Remove straw carefully, apply hair spray and your straw curls is ready. 


Straw curls can last for up to three weeks if well managed.
When you want to take off curls, don't comb out, instead wash curls off with warm water, shampoo and conditioner. 

Long hair on straw curls
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AJ on Straw Curls
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