Saturday, 26 July 2014

Brazilian Vs Nigerian: Hair Match

Brazilian Vs Nigerian -Hair M

With the invention of Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian and even Asian hairs, our own Nigerian local hairstyles are rapidly going into extinction. When last did you see a "what's up" babe on sun gaps or cornrows?  Those hairstyles are long dead like my grand mother, and have been replaced by the "Kim Kardashian" hairstyles (still can't understand why Kanye left Kim only 58days after their wedding).
Kim Kardashian

You See? Your hair/body role model couldn't keep her man even with all her hot artificial looks. What makes you so sure then that making expensive hairstyles will keep your man?  *Food for thought*.

I don't want to go into details of what some ladies do/go through just to get a pack of these expensive hairs. Wouldn't want to bore you with gist of how some form paparazzi with borrowed, and stolen hair, some even buy on credit and end up being embarrassed.
Ladies! artificial human hair is not all you need to land you a good and rich husband, so why stress yourself? Why  starve to save up to N120,000 if not more, just to buy a pack/bundle of hair. 

NB: N120,000 can sponsor 10 kids to a government primary school for three terms.
You can save yourself the stress and money, and still look stunning without all dem artificial hair.

Check out this young lady, doesn't she look stunning in this 'isi-owu' (threaded hair)? I just love her boldness to rock this hairstyle in this modern day and age of Brazilian hair.

Celebrities too can look stunning without artificial human hair.
Tonto Dikeh
Tiwa Salvage

Ebube Nwagbo
Beauty is beyond looks, I thought we already know that by now. So ladies, start considering going without extensions and even heavy make up (topic for another day) take it back to your root. Forget Brazilian, Stay Nigerian-Stay Natural.

 © Ajumoke Nwaeze 2014
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