Friday, 18 July 2014

My Experience: Calabar City Church At Four

Before now, I was in a campus church; it was non- denominational so I wasn't scared of losing the orientation I got from my family Church (Anglican).
The campus church was cool though: good music, awesome word with tongue speaking-spirit filled members. But I wasn't totally at ease there, I felt old fashioned, incomplete and unfulfilled.

I remember, one time they called for singers to sign up, and I went for the call. Unfortunately, as good a singer as I was, and still is, I was turned down by the Music Director with the reason that I WASN'T spirit-filled and "worthy" to sing on their holy alter. I felt bad and rejected, but I came to understand their fear: they couldn't afford to have a secular singer defy their holy sanctuary.

At that point I realized I needed to be in a congregation of "Like Minds"- accommodating/non-rejecting Christians, Christians who would accept everyone as Jesus Christ would.

Months after as God would have it, I received an invitation from a friend to attend a Church service at Mirage Hotel, Calabar. He assured me that I would love the experience, so I voluntarily went with him on his second visit to the church. On arrival, the greeters were beautifully lined up receiving people into the church auditorium. I  received not just one but series of warm welcome from the greeters. I felt loved, welcomed and safe. To say the service was awesome would be an understatement;  the choir was glorious, they emitted from their vocal cords sweet incense. The preacher dished out Gospel truth from his archive of knowledge. The atmosphere was indeed God-filled, and the service was brief and on point.

After the service I was invited to a cocktail brunch date with the Lead Pastor scheduled for my second visit, and from that moment I knew "that was it".
Less than two months into the church I went for Nigerian Idol Talent Show. You won't believe the magnitude of love and support I got from the Lead Pastor and the entire Church, not disputing the fact that I was a new member, and a secular singer. The lead Pastor facilitated a vote campaign in church for me, and even sent some Ministers to pick me up at the airport on my arrival back to Calabar after Nigerian Idol. Tell me! Who would not feel great with such acceptance and celebration?

I was wowed, and that was how I remained a member of this awesome, loving, life developing Church.

I am so excited to say that I Love my Church, "I Love Calabar City Church".
As we celebrate our 4th Year Anniversary today (18th July, 2014), I pray that God continues to increase us, and fill us with grace to carry on this good vision he has given to our lead Pastor: Pastor Tony Raphael Aleogena, and may our essence as change agents be felt from all corners of the earth starting from Calabar.
Pastor Tony Raphael Aleogena

Happy Anniversary Calabar City Church.

Join us as we celebrate our 4th Year Anniversary this Sunday @ the Big Tent, 98 Marian Road, Calabar by 9am and 10.30am.
AJ Ministering With Sweet Incense
C-Cube: Belong-Believe-Become.

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