Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Teary Clouds: Safety Measures

It is raining season, yes! but must it rain all day in Calabar? Rain in Calabar is always out of this world, compared to other states. When it rains in Calabar, Its like all the angels and archangels are doing a mass cry party over the City.
Other states experience reasonable rainfall, but here in Calabar, the cloud is always teary: raining cats, dogs and even men.

Yesterday's rain was alarming, there was little or no break and I almost felt we might be needing an Ark soon if the rain continued in it's rate.
Fortunately for me, unlike some people who were stuck in odd places, I was stuck at home all day. I could have had a good long sleep considering the weather, but like you already know, I make good use of my time, and yesterday wasn't an exception.
I came up with these tips that will help you make the best out of this raining season irrespective of where you find yourself.  Rain is rain anywhere!

* Always lock your windows before leaving the house to avoid rain splashing in.

* Never leave your clothes outside on the cloth line while going out, except you have someone who will help you take them in.

* Always dress prepared for the weather: carry a cardigan along in case you catch cold at work, school or wherever the rain catches up with you.

* Make your portable umbrella your best friend. Ladies do well to cover your hair with shower cap before daring the rain, to avoid smelly hair.

* While using the pedestrian walk, be careful not to have a mud-water bath from cars in motion.

* If you are driving, be careful not to splash water on other road users.
Driving in the rain can be a scary thing, and at night it is even worse. It is difficult to see as lights from other cars seem to make it worse. 

These Tips Will Help You Drive Safely in the Rain

* Keep both hands on the steering at all times! Keep all distractions, such as cell phones/ radio off. Watch out for any mud, sinking grounds, pot hole, falling tree, electric pole, hanging electrical wires, or any in coming hazard.

* Turn on your headlights, whether at night or broad daylight. This will make it easier for you to see what is in front of you; thus, preventing any accidents.

* Keep a minimum of a good five car length from the car in front of you.

* Drive at or below the speed limit.

* Never drive through standing or flowing water in a road unless you have no choice, or you are able to follow someone else to judge the depth of the water.

* Wind up your window glasses and turn on the air conditioner to help clear mist from the windscreen (this is no time to economize fuel)

* If you are stuck at home during a downpour don't sleep all through, get busy doing something relevant.

I hope these tips came in handy. Have a great rainy day ahead.

 ©Ajumoke Nwaeze. 2014

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