Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Time To Time Time

Happy New Months Peeps!
I feel so excited to be alive to witness July, the first month of the second half of the year. I am so grateful to God for life, health and progress. June was indeed a month to remember: I marked my birthday on the 4th, released my first gospel single "Refresh Me" same 4th, moved into a new apartment on the 16th and encountered a mystery car accident on the 17th.

Hey! Don't fret, I didn't die, am alive to tell you about it. The accident was quite funny because after the car swerved swiftly to a bush and somersaulted half way, I and my friend who was driving came out of the car by ourselves and unharmed. It was obviously God's hand work.

That incident made me realize that death is just a finger snap away, and life is a PRECIOUS gift which should be appreciated and utilized properly. Henceforth I decided to make the best out of my life living each day like its the last.
I make use of my time now more than before, cutting down on irrelevant things especially idle instant message chats (so bear with me if I don't chat with you as often as before).
Everyone is given same 24hours each day, but some people end up squandering the time just like money and expecting same results with people who invest theirs on more important things. The truth is, the amount of time you put on anything determines the output, so hello!  its time to time your time.

This Would Help You Make The Best Out Of Your Time/Life.

Schedule Your Time: Make a to-do list with time durations for each task. Assign every hour to a task.

Plan: Take out the first 30 minutes of every day to plan the day, an unplanned day is vulnerable to all sorts of mishap. 

Schedule Time For Interruptions: Plan for unexpected hitches.

Focus: While working focus and avoid any distractions including, pings, calls and unnecessary visitors. You can always return them once you are done with work.

If you put all these into practice this second half will be more productive than the first.

*Singing in Mike Okri's voice* Use your time well, money no dey come from heaven, do beta tin money go come,  na true word I dey tell you so...oliyando....

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