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Why You Should Sleep Naked

I can tell that a good number of you go to bed with little or no cloth especially in a country as hot as Nigeria. Except in seasons like now when the rain has helped to subsidized the steaming hot air, some people tend to sleep a little bit covered.

I for one love being natural,  I love to be free when I sleep,  so sleeping naked is a culture for me. Even when I sleep off with my clothes on, I subconsciously take them off at night and by the time its dawn, am all skin like a new born baby ready for a bath.
Although Sleeping naked is not especially too good if you sleep in a crowded room, and if you are thermophobic, but it is always good and beneficial when you are alone and with your legal spouse.

Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked 

1. Ease: You have less clothes to wash each week because you just aren’t using them. You don’t have to worry about buying a pajamas, or nightie.

2. Self-esteem: Spending time naked makes you feel comfortable with your body. When you are comfortable with your body, you act more confidently which makes you happy and is viewed as attractive by others.

3. Stronger relationship with your partner: There is NO replacement for skin to skin contact — it delivers the good stuff, Oxytocin, and bonds you together. Clothes get in the way of skin to skin contact, which is rude, and prevents you from reaping the benefits of Oxytocin including elevated happiness, lower stress, reduced blood pressure, and less inflammation.

4. You sleep better: There’s no uncomfortable drawstring to wake you up in the night, and without the extra padding of clothing, you’re a little less warm than you’d be otherwise, this is good for falling and staying asleep — ever try to fall asleep while you’re sweaty? then you will appreciate tip number 4.

5. Better skin: This is the only time your skin gets to breathe. I’ve heard several people with body acne say that sleeping naked has helped a lot in healing their acne. It can also help your private parts air out, since it is generally in a restricted, hot environment.

6. It causes you to age slower: This one might be out there, but by wearing clothes at night you keep your body temperature warmer, which prevents growth hormone from being released and working its magic to repair your skin. Being cold at night encourages this, leading to less wrinkles. 

7. It makes your sleep time obvious:  Sleeping in the nude means you can’t get ready for bed until you’re actually going to bed — except you intend holding a naked carnival in your house, by getting naked the moment you get home like some peeps do with a pyjamas. (they wear their pyjamas all evening and morning like its a fashionable dressing. "PJ is meant for sleep time only".

8. You’ll have sex more often: (I didn't say this one o, maybe its a typo) There’s nothing between you and your partner, no hindrance, no barrier,  its express. And even idea is romantic coupled with the added visual experience, it sure will lead to more sex.

NB: If you have never tried sleeping naked before, a trial will convince you. Please do well to keep a blanket handy in case you get cold along the way. And a pepper spray by your pillow just in case a robber/rapist breaks into your bedroom. 

Be wise! Don't say AJ didn't warn you.

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