Monday, 11 August 2014

Adopting Coca-Cola's Strategy

Coco-Cola is one of the biggest and most popular brands in the world. It  has customers scattered everywhere in the world, and the products are as penetrating as a needle, piercing all corners including the interior corners of the earth. People in remote villages have all heard about Coco Cola, and even if just a few haven't tasted it, they must have heard of it, or at least seen a coke bottle someway, somehow. This is what I call 'Universal Brand  Popularity'.
How did Coca-Cola get so popular?

First of all, Coca-Cola is a unique drink with a unique taste and bottle packaging, so it wasn't difficult penetrating the market.
Secondly and most importantly, Coca-Cola didn't count on the fact that it is the best beverage drink in the market to relent on pushing the brand. They promoted and advertised consistently to remain the most popular. I still remember vividly one of their TV adverts with the sign-off slogan "always Coca Cola".

Coca-Cola has billboards everywhere, they run promos like mad me and never slow down in making publicity noise. Back then they used to give out branded kiosk stalls including branded coolers and refrigerators. It was all about Red/White/black, It was all about Coca-Cola. People saw, heard and experienced the drink, that was how its fame spread abroad.

It wasn't like there were no other competitive beverage drinks, but Coca-Cola stood tall amongst them all because it had already imprinted in the minds of its consumers that Coca-Cola is the best.

Ok! I pause here before someone starts wondering if AJ now works with Coca-Cola Company.  Not yet, but I'm citing this example of how big a brand can go with the power of ADVERT!

Advertisement is one way to commercialize your products and services. If you don't advertise what you do or sell, customers won't know you exist. They would rather patronize things that they see and hear about often. This is why you need to tell everyone who cares to read/listen about your business (no matter how big or small it is).

Tell the world you exist, tell them what you can offer and how good your products/services are in terms of quality and pricing. Any and everything is worth publicizing as long as there is a potential market for it out there.

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