Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Excuse Me Not

On a normal day, I would have packed myself and left the salon in disgust, but on this fateful day I remained calm as if I observed nothing. I was rather amazed at what this lady was doing...
Last weekend I was in Port Harcourt to see my family and decided to visit a  salon. I wanted to make something simple: all back braids. When I arrived at my preferred salon along Location /Ada George, it was quite early and the girls were still cleaning so I left to another salon undirected.
After explaining the hair style to the light skinned chubby hair stylist, she started immediately without further delay. I wasn't paying attention initially to what she was doing cos I was on the phone, when I hung up I looked through the mirror to see how far she had gone, and if it was nice.

To my surprise this lady was amazingly fast, she had twisted over 8 single braids in less than 5mins. What surprised me most was as I looked closely, I noticed that all five fingers on her right hand were badly twisted, like someone affected by polio or some bad epidemic disease. She was handicapped. 

Nonetheless, in two hours she was done with the hair and I was out of the salon, satisfied, marveled and inspired at the same time. It's not like it was the finest hair I have made, but the fact that the hand that made it was disabled left me with no reason to make excuses.
Hair made by hair stylist with five disabled fingers
Today we have the streets littered with people who use disability as an excuse to beg, What is your excuse today? If Cobhams Asuqwo can produce award winning songs without seeing, if Kingsley The Psalmist could touch lives from his wheelchair, if this lady could braid so well with those hands... then your excuse is invalid.

The next time you hear me cooking up excuses why I can't do a thing, please Excuse Me Not. We can do anything. As long as we believe and practice, we will become. Get Up And Work!

 © Ajumoke Nwaeze 2014

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  1. Quite inspiring...
    And really nice hair, I must say.