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Personality Highlights: Pioneer Edition_Rolly Osim

Happy New Month beloved readers of this fast growing blogsite. I am positive that we are ready to rock the month of August with every bit of enthusiasm we can think of. To start this month and like promised we are launching a new segment called "Personality Highlights".

Our pioneer guest is a Cross River born Music Producer and Gospel artist. He is the CEO of Rollys Entertainment, and the organiser of Calabar Gospel Music Award (CGMA). As a producer he has worked with several artistes including 2Face Idibia (he produced a track on the Ascension Album).
Let's meet this Medical Lab. Scientist who prefers the studio to the laboratory: Mr Rowland Osim (Rolly).

Hi Rolly, tell us about yourself in three words.

Rolland, Peaceful, Jovial.

RPJ!, How did you discover and develop yourself?
Well, I discovered myself back in my school days on the keyboard. A friend of mine who knew I played introduced me to a music production software, and I started learning how to do skits and make beats. I was able to learn and develop myself over the years by listening to  different genre of music and trying to compare my work with that of others. 

This means you put in quite some time/efforts into this, what are the core values that brought you this far?
Sincerity with myself, humility at learning,  and hard work to get better each day.

What and Who inspires you?
I get my inspiration from nature and life experiences. As for mentors, I have a lot of them, but I am particular about Samsong, and Mr Rowland Onofiok: a successful Philanthropist, accountant and a supporter of talent.

No good thing comes easy, can you share with us challenges you have encountered in your career, and how you handled them ?
My major challenge so far has been funding. There are  lots of gadgets, softwares and studio equipments I'd love to purchase to further improve my sound quality, but its really not been easy doing it all on my own. I still hope for better days anyways. 

Would you say you have "arrived" in the music industry?
I'd say I haven't gotten to the highest point of my career yet. I'm still far away from it, but I am working to get there. 

Where do you see yourself three years from now? 
Three years from now, I wish to be among the top music producers in the country, and beyond, and as an artiste I hope to have touched lives with my music.

You mentioned funding as the major challenge in  your career, If you were to receive a business grant of N500,000 what would you do with it?
I'd invest in my studio and also in artiste promotions.

Have you  heard about the latest Ebola Virus, What can you say about it?
Yes I have ! Ebola virus is a deadly infectious disease. It is a zoonotic infection that has high mortality rate.

As a Lab Scientist do you think Ebola is a manipulated genetic weapon to reduce the population of Africa, or its just another Viral disease.
I don't think Ebola is a genetic manipulation. This is not the first time we are having a viral outbreak. It is quite unfortunate but I will advise everyone to take necessary precautionary measures to avoid being infected.

Well said Rolly! What can you say about AJ's Blog, How often do you visit the site, and what is your favorite blog post?
AJ's Blog has interesting articles I must say, and I visit quite often. I think my favourite post will be the one about  "Odour". Odour Producing Neighbors.

Why Odour Producing Neighbors? Can you relate to that on a personal basis?
Yea! I had similar experience once. Someone seated next to me in a bus had a very foul smell. Its was terrible and I  didn't even know how to place my nose, I just had to endure till I alighted the bus.

LOL! It happens everyday, Please before you go give a word or two to young aspiring minds out there.
I say aspire more, be consistent and believe in yourself. Stay out of crime, brush your teeth always and trust in God.

Thanks Rolly for your time, its a wrap! 

Rolly is first a Producer, but like every typical producer who wants to taste the M.I.C. he is set to unveil his debut single "I Dey Hail" which drops today.

Click HERE to download "I Dey Hail" by Rolly.

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