Thursday, 7 August 2014

Press Release: AJ Is Officially Off The Market

I woke up this morning with a slight cold, and no one to hold, not knowing something great was about to unfold. I got out of bed reluctantly, hoping the cold would go away slowly.

Then he came, just as I was about preparing my favorite beans and Plantain. I wasn't too cheerful, cos I had a lot on my head, but I was hopeful that at the end of today I would be grateful. I had meal to cook, emails to reply, articles to write, and some books to finish before tomorrow. He stood before me and spoke calmly like he always does.
I didn't look at his cute face but stole some glances wisely to fill my hungry stomach. He fumbled with his car keys as he spoke, saying familiar words with an unusual spark. Hmmmm! I sensed, this guy needed my attention dearly, but the plantain and onions I was slicing also needed my attention badly.

I felt his palm on my wet hands, I looked up to see his knees on the  hard ground. In the loveliest and sexiest of voice I heard him say "AJ would you do me the honor of marrying me?"....
Like seriously!  I thought aloud . . . I never baf sef . . . is this an early morning proposal? I dropped the onion I was cutting and asked . . . "Do I have time to think?".
Me... Immediately
Think wetin? you may ask! But I sincerely needed time to think cos the only words I could remember were . . . YES  and LIKE SERIOUSLY, so I kept saying them interchangeably, "yes, like  seriously, like seriously, yes!"
Me...after bath
Just last night, I was reminiscing on how we first met, it was in August 2012. I replayed our relationship in my head like one would replay the movie "Sound of Music". The pictures of my reminisce made me smile. I even envisaged our engagement: romantic, glamorous dinner setting, with an orchestral playing in the background. I never knew it was going to be in the morning, spontaneous,  funny and even more romantic than any fairy tale. No wonder I was hopeful that at the end of today I would be grateful.

Everyone is so excited for us,  sote even beans wey I dey cook out of excitement begin cook insef.

I have been busy replying instant messages of congratulations and good will from friends and family, and in that spirit of typing I had to write this article to make it official.

I, Ajumoke Nwaeze (AJ) announce to the general public (especially to my other suitors and those other girls) that I am now Precious Nwanganga's (P-Money) Fiancee as he is my Fiance. We are both off the market...please withdraw every advance henceforth, and celebrate with us as we thank God for starting this great journey of love, which he will surely complete.
Happy Me
Sharp Guy- Precious

Thanks for all your Congratulatory messages. 


  1. Sandra onyejiaka7 August 2014 at 16:08

    WOW!! am so so hapy 4 u dear.......i pray dat GOD will finish his gud work his has started in ur lif IJN!!