Friday, 19 September 2014

2015 Elections: Music Diva AJ Switches Into Politics

I have always known entertainers to be very creative and versatile, but I don't know them to be unstable: wavering from one career to another in the name of "Daring to Succeed".
It started some years back when almost every Nollywood Thespian was switching into music. Some did well in the music scene and produced good hits, while others did pretty bad but with connections their songs still made it to the big screens.
Well, I am not an exemption of a wavering entertainer. I started my career first as a hip-hop dancer, I later switched to singing when my bones started deviating from being flexible. As a Singer and music composer I evolved from writing just lyrics into writing poems, articles, short stories, and subsequently screen plays.

Now most people know me more as a blogger than a Singer, and just a few peeps know I could step, and a fewer peeps know about other creative stuffs I am capable of.

All the same, my switches so far were centred around "Creative Expressions," which is not so bad a switch if you ask me. But bear with me one more time cos I  am about to make a major switch.

Seeing the need to reach out to my grassroots, I am switching into Politics. I hereby declare my ambition to Govern the Female Youths of the Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government of Rivers State, where I come from. *JUST KIDDING*

Now didn't that sound convincingly absurd?
This is the same way it sounds when some entertainers say they are switching into a terrain as crucial as Politics. The fact that the likes of Richard Mofe Damijo excelled as the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State doesn't mean Politics is as easy as  movie scripts.

Politics in the real sense is not entertaining, so entertainers should follow with caution. Imagine Julius Agwu as the Governor of Rivers state, don't you think every Friday night will be Night Of A Thousand Laugh? Even if he wants to gets serious with enforcing laws and delegating duties as a Governor, will his subjects not see him as a joker? *Just a flying thought*

Anyways, there are a couple of entertainers out there making career switch like it's the switch of light. 

Kate Henshaw is aspiring to represent Calabar Munical/Odukpani Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives.

9ice going for House of Rep; representing the Ogbomoso North Constituency, Oyo state in the National Assembly.

Desmond Elliot is contesting for Lagos State House of Assembly.

Bob Manuel-Udokwu contesting for a seat at the Anambra state House of Assembly.

Weird MC has been given a commissioner appointment in Osun State.

Am I missing anyone? 

The crave for power is no doubt irresistible, but the truth is 'we all must not go into politics to make an impact or be a leader.' You can lead from anywhere as long as you put the interest of your people first.
If entertainers practice so hard just to keep their audience entertained then I suggest if they must switch into Politics they should work twice as hard to make their subjects happy.

Nevertheless, have you ever envisaged  the following political positions appointed to these entertainers? Check out my list!

President of Nigeria: Olu Jacobs

First lady of Nigeria: Joke Silver

Vice President of Nigeria: Richard Mofe Damijo

Second lady of Nigeria: Genevieve Nnaji (must not be married to the vice president)

Minister of information and communication: Linda Ikeji

Minister of Culture and Tourism: Femi Kuti

Minister of women affairs: Patience Ozokwo

Minister of Comedy: Ali Baba

Minister of Education: Sam Dede

Minister of African Proverbs: Chiwetalu Agwu

Minister of Music production: Don Jazzy

Special adviser to the President on Body Fitness: Kaffi

Special adviser to the president on twins’ affair: P-Square

Special adviser to the president on family planning: Tuface Idibia

Special adviser to all advisers to the President - AJ.

Pardon me if I lost you along the way. This article is an entire sarcasm as I am only a creative writer expressing my silly thoughts.

© Ajumoke Nwaeze 2014: Aspiring Special Adviser to the president on Creative affairs amoung other affairs.

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  1. I hope this post is well understood, to avoid any misinterpretation. It is a total joke as I haven't switched to Politics (at least not yet)