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Personality Highlights: Moon Visuals

Welcome to Personality Highlights! This platform is aimed at bringing to your reading glasses unique Personalities from different works of life, what they do and probably their contact just in case you need their services.

On this second edition of PH, I present to you my very birthday mate, a Creative artist and professional Photographer, young and talented 23-year-old student of Visual Arts and Technology: Moon.

How come you are bearing Moon. Is that your real name?

Yes it is! Moon is the English interpretation of my native name Offiong, my name is Offiong Okon, and my brand name is Moon Visuals.

How was it growing up?
It wasn't easy at all, it was tough and challenging, that's all I can say.

If you were to describe yourself in three words, what would it be?
I  am simple, social and ambitious.

That's six words in all! anyways how did you discover and develop yourself?
I started drawing at a tender age, my teachers noticed and encouraged me. From there I continued to draw and decided to study something in line with my passion/talent. That was how I got here.
Paper Collage by Moon
What are your values?
Creativity, passion, flexibility and kindness. I combine all these to make a better me.

Who are your mentors?
God: I get all my inspirations from him. Then Jay. P. Morgan (Photographer), Karl Taylor (Photographer), and Michael Angelo (Artist).

Have you had any career challenges so far?
Every career comes with a challenge, mine has always been Money and Exposure. Anyone who is into Creative hand crafts would say that money can be a great challenge because the materials to work with are always rare and expensive. Exposure is also something I struggle to attain, to be known locally and internationally.

What is your best piece of creativity so far?
My Paper art: it is not a painting,  it is a  paper work, more like a paper collage. I cut and put together different colours of paper to create great pieces of art work.

You seem to be very good at what you do, If you were not an artist or photographer,
what would you be doing?
hmmm! I don’t think I would be doing anything else.

What is the highest point in your career?
Sometime this year, when I was able to showcase my creative skills in the movie industry. I made machine gun props for a Nollywood movie shot in Calabar. Seeing my work on screen gives me great joy.

What is your most valued asset?
My visions (ideas).

Do you have any ill habits?
Sure, everyone has. I talk a lot, it's a Gemini thing. 

You can say that again! What do you think about formal education, is it the ultimate? 
I think formal education is okay, but can be better. The ministry of education should include technical vocational courses into secondary school syllabus, to enable everyone to discover their strengths just like I have.

What role can you play to that effect as a citizen of Nigeria?
Basically teaching the younger ones who are interested in my field. Also serving and developing my country with my ideas.
Where do you see yourself three years from now?
By Gods grace, I should be a renowned photographer and artist within the next three years.

If you were to receive a business grant of N5,000,000 what would you do with it?
Wow!  I would use it to get a professional camera to enhance my photography skills or use it to get materials for my art. Am I getting it now? 

Sometime soon you will. How often do you visit AJ's Blog, and what is your favorite blog post?
To be sincere once in 2 weeks. I don’t really have a favorite, the ones I've read are all interesting.

Thanks for your sincerity. Please give a word of encouragement to young aspiring minds out there.
All I will say is keep pressing on and be determined and focused in what you do. Let God be No 1 in your life, and everything will be perfect.

All photos in this article are works of Moon both artistic and photographic. To contact Moon Visuals for professional photography sessions and other art works call +2347037808491.

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