Monday, 1 September 2014

The Myth About ‘Ember’ Months

There are several myths about the last four months of the year popularly called ‘Ember’ months. Many believe that September to December is the most dangerous time of the year. Even some churches are of the opinion that it is the period when Satan embarks on gathering souls by causing mysterious deaths, accidents, calamities, and catastrophes.

They preach about it, put fears in the minds of people and call for lots of prayer and fasting, vigils and organise crusades to frustrate the 'plans' of Satan and enemies who do not want them to see the New Year. Well, this is my take!
I believe that there are no mysteries about this season. In the real sense, the last four months are the farmers harvest season and a time when a lot of festivals and celebrations take place. Marriages, weddings, chieftaincy celebrations, housewarming, and many other festivals are often fixed for the last four months of the year because it is assumed that the rains would have subsided.

Many corporate organisations also grant annual leave to their staff as well as close for the year by mid-December to enable their workers observe the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Thus, the Ember months are very busy months of going up and down and preparing for the holiday.

Due to the rush in the number of festivities observed during the ‘ember’ months, a lot of traveling takes place thus the roads are busier in this period than any other time of the year.
The fact that the roads are busier during the season, coupled with our transporters obsession to make super profit, road accidents occur more during the ‘ember’ months because the drivers speed up to make more rounds.

Aside from travelling, a lot of people are also under intense financial pressure having to do so much planning and spending in this period, so the intense financial pressure can and do cause high blood pressure for many which can lead to sudden death, heart attack or stroke.
It is only natural for things to go on the faster lane because the year is about to end . . . it doesn't mean that the ember months have any spiritual mystery attached to it.

Ember months are just like every other month having either 30 or 31 days as the case may be.
Being conscious of this fact, I urge us to embrace September and its ember brothers in good faith and a positive mindset. 


© Ajumoke Nwaeze 2014



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