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Personality Highlights: Miss Global Nigeria- Faith Eriata

Happy Independence to every Nigerian (residents and non-residents).
Not that I forgot to say it on the 1st, I didn't want to join the band waggon that bombarded every social network platforms with Independence messages.

I am glad Nigeria and it's habitats are progressing with every Independence celebrated. We remain the giant of Africa, and one of the happiest people in the world.

On this Independent edition of Personality Highlights, I went an extra mile to sort for a very special personality. She is our very first female guest on this page: a model and beauty queen, singer and presenter- Faith Eriata: 2014 Miss Global Nigeria. Let's meet HER!
My name is Faith Eriata, but you can call me Feefab.  I am a singer, model and beauty Queen - 2014 Miss Global Nigeria. I am from Edo state and a student of the University of Benin where I am studying International Studies and Diplomacy. 

Well said Feefab! How did you discover and develop yourself . . . were you born a model?

Naa! I was not born a model...but I have always fantasised modelling. I bought a form for a modelling competition, I was groomed and I picked up pretty fast, and here I am today.
Aside modelling, I found myself doing other things I loved in the entertainment industry, like singing,  acting, dancing, VJ, Radio presentation, and I am still doing some of them till date.

As a model what inspires your poise, your catwalk and charisma on and outside the runway.  

Everything around me is inspiring -  TV, radio, everyday normal people minding their could be something I see or hear, I just store it in my head and brood over it while on the runway or in front of the camera.

Who are your mentors? And what do you like about them?
Beyonce, Genevieve Nnaji , Linda Ikeji, Naomi Campbell. Successful women are role models or mentors for me because it's mostly a man's world.       

Man's world? what makes you say It's a man's world?

Most offices are held by men... women are still trying to keep their offices and attain higher grounds but the men don't want that, they want to be in charge. 

As a lady in a man's world (like you say) what are the challenges you have encountered so far in your career, and how are you handling them?

Afraid of failing is a major personal challenge because being alive alone is a challenge. I am still handling it because It would hurt me more if at the end I know I didn't do my very best to be where I want and who I want to be.

What is your most valued asset as a model. 
I've got guts, and it makes me confident no matter the event, I will always rock the runway.

What do you have to say about most  models being lesbians, gays and gigolos, Is it a runway trend? 

I have nothing against gay or lesbians because I don't understand their reason and I am not God to judge them. I have nothing against them, It's their life, and that's how they chose to roll runway.

As an entertainer would you love to marry someone from same industry?

That depends? Some people are in this industry for unbelievable reasons and some are in it because it's a job, It's a passion. If the guy in question is in it for just money fame or attention it's a No No  for me.

Nigeria just celebrated her 54th Independent anniversary, do you think there has been any significant improvement in the economy from the last independence till date?

Yes, Nigeria and Nigerians are improving, we now understand what unity means and how it can affect change.

As a model and current Miss Global Nigeria, what would you do to impact or modify the modelling industry of this country? 

 As a Queen, I have moral responsibilities of sticking to my pet project which is on breast and cervical cancer, and will kick off in November after I return from my International pageant competition in Europe. The modelling industry is huge and I know we (Miss Global Nigeria ) will be partnering with fashion houses to put up fashion shows in the nearest future. We just finished one at the winners party where designs of Bibi Afrique was showcased,  and there are more like this to come.

Nigerians knew you first as a Singer on the big stage of Star Quest in 2008 (lead vocalist Spectrum band) How do you combine Singing and modelling? which is more demanding? 
It's the same stage, it's all fun and more work. Both are quite demanding. 

If you were not doing what you are doing currently, what would you probably be doing?
Nothing else, probably regretting my life.

Where do you see yourself three years from now?

Three years from now? I see myself bagging awards... having good music videos and being one of the top list female entertainer and model ever.

How often do you visit AJ's Blog, and which is your favourite post?
I visit AJ's Blog but not very often.
There was an article about beautiful/attractive people having less health issues, I found that very interesting, and it's my favorite. 

Of course, every beautiful person will love the article; Attractive People Hardly Fall Sick. I suggest you visit AJ's Blog more often else you won't know when your interview is published.

It was nice having this conversation with you Fabulous Faith, but before you go please give a word or two to your fans and to young aspiring minds out there.

To my fans thanks a lot, you encourage me more than you think, I can't pay you for your support, God will reward you. To aspiring acts know that it would not be easy, but if you believe in your brand and trust in God your harvest season will come. Mine is now!

Thanks a lot Miss Eriata for spending time with us on Personality Highlights, and to you reading this page... you are the best.

Thank you so much and have an Independent Month ahead!

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