Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas and the Three Wise Women

Merry Christmas esteemed readers of this blog.
I really appreciate your audience, patronage, support and listening ears.
It's Christmas. Let's make love and not war.
Let's share love and not beef.
Let's give thanks to our savior who is the reason for this season, and not worship to the god of alcohol that drowns a good number of people to highness.

Christmas is totally a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and nothing else.

Imagine that the three wise men were women (three wise women- African women.) They would have taken to the manger new yam, Uda (hot seeds) and Ori (Shea butter) instead of gold, frankincense and Myrrh.
The yam and Uda would have been to prepare hot yam pepper soup for Mary who just gave birth and the ori to shine Jesus' body. *Just my silly thoughts*
Imagine the gossip that would have ensued between the wise women after visiting Jesus and his earthly parents. Something of this nature.

1st Wise woman: Hmmm, the child does not look like Joseph at all.

2nd Wise woman: I heard Joseph is not the real father.

3rd Wise woman: Ah. Mind what you hear o, are you saying Mary cheated on her betrothed?

2nd Wise woman: Nooo, she dares not. She is a virtuous woman. Her conception was divine, so they said.

1st Wise woman: See small Mary, sixteen-year-old giving birth to the saviour of the world. She is lucky oh!

3rd Wise woman: She is rather favoured, blessed among women.

1st Wise woman: hmm. That her Joseph sef, he is handsome o, I like him sha.

3rd Wise woman: Please O. Mind What you like, before Angel Gabriel appears to you tonight.

Thank God the wise visitors were men. Funnily, we always say 'three wise men' because they gave three gifts, but the fact is that their number was not mentioned but rather they were referred to as 'wise men from the East.'
Anyways, we all have a lot to talk about this Christmas and to thank God for.
As we mark/celebrate the birth of his son Jesus Christ may God increase our joy and may all our efforts be crowned now and always.

If you are in Calabar and not sure where to take yourself, friends and family to this evening, 98 Marian Road is the place. Join Calabar City Church this evening in a Christmas carol with an African touch by 6pm prompt.

I wish you a white, red, green and gold Christmas and a multicolour new year.
See you in two thousand and fifteen.

AJ after Christmas Service

© Ajumoke Nwaeze

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