Tuesday, 9 December 2014

What's Popping?

It’s the season of double hustle, what’s Popping? Everyone is trying to catch up with time and round off for the year.
Recall that I started 2014 with an inspiring article “What’s Next?” It was a write up to lay down right foundations for the year.
In March I posted “What’s Up?” a follow up on our progress with plans and resolutions of the year.
In the same light, “Time to Time Time” was posted In July, and all three articles were to boast time management and work productivity in 2014.
I bet everyone who read and followed through any or all of these posts, have had and is still having a great year. All the same, you can go back and read them again for 2015’s sake. Simply click on the title to read.

What’s Popping? Let's talk about the season.
December means different things to two sets of people. These people act differently and arrive at different results at the end.

December to the Wise

Dare your pockets not to run dry
Embrace the season knowing there will be more
Call all your debtors to pay up before 20th
Enjoy the essence of the celebration
Manage every dime you own
Bury yourself with fasting and praying
Entertain your guests with what you can afford
Rejoice: you still have enough after the celebration.

December to the Not-So-Wise

Dare your peers to compete with you
Embrace the season like it’s the last
Call everybody to come and dine in your house
Enjoy the celebration with your year’s savings
Mismanage the little dime you own
Bury yourself with food and wine
Entertain your guests with whatever they ask for
Regret: you have spent all your money during the celebration.

As we celebrate this season, let’s not forget the reason for the celebration. It’s a time to love, share and love some more.
This is why I am sharing my love to my esteemed readers, with these throwback songs.

Christmas Medley” by AJ

Udo” Peace song for the people of ONELGA by AJ, Gentle Jane, and Stacy, featuring Zuby Dee(ONELGA ALL STARS).

Click Song title to Download. 
Listen, share and have a white and merry Christmas.
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Ajumoke Nwaeze. 2014


  1. All this love you people are sharing. Hmmm. There is God O. Nice one AJ. My regards to Gentle Jane and Stacy.

  2. Thanks. They will hear your greetings.

  3. Nice one Aj! Lovely tunes! I love the Christmas Song!!! Thanks

  4. Thanks a lot. I am glad you love it.