Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The One with the Lens

Two lovely friends got married and gave birth to two lovely sons.
They were proud of their lovely sons and their life was beautiful until the lovely man started keeping late nights and women. 

The lovely woman could not take it, she took her lovely sons back to her parents home, with the hope that her lovely husband would come looking for her, apologise and change his ways.
The lovely man waited too, for his wife to return, apologise for leaving and stay with him forever.
They both waited for each other to return. Days rolled into weeks, weeks into years, years into decades. Thirty years counting - they waited. 

The two lovely sons grew up with their grandmother in a busy home. They grew into handsome and lovely men - The first a cinematographer, the second - yet to be named.
The one with the lens had eyes like his father - for women and late nights. He spent his days wooing them, and his nights in their arms.
He was nothing like his mother - Pure, Innocent, Truthful. And everything like his father - Playful, Talented, and Witty.
He thought out ideas in hours and executed them in days.
He made wealth in minutes and lavished it in seconds.
He was spontaneous, subtle and deceitful.
Girls fell to his left and right as he slaughtered them with his charming charisma and sweet tongue.
A hundred he conquered, none he loved, but made them believe he did all the same. 

He had all the girls and good trips, but alone in his room, he sobbed. He was unlucky for they all walked away, leaving him in his father's shoes - Single, Lonely with No True Friend To Love.

Culled from a work in Progress by © AJ Ajumoke Nwaeze 2015. 

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  1. Girl. That story sounded very farmiliar, but cool. Cos you know I trust u. Have a great year. Love always , Wikky Wikky.