Thursday, 12 February 2015

Love Identity

It's count down to Valentine's Day, and some single people are yet to have a Valentine date. Not to worry, there would always be another February 14th. I know some of us wished the elections actually held on 14th while others are somersaulting in happiness over the change of date.
There is so much fuse about the celebration of love. People talk about love every day, they sing it in songs and draw it in tattoos. I spoke with some people about the topic and  I realised that most people especially the younger generation do not know what love is or how to identify it.

Love is not to be celebrated once a year, but every second of the year.
Love is not what we see in the movies, but what we experience in reality.
Love is when Mum gives Dad the best piece of chicken in the stew.
Love is when you wait on the phone expecting his/her call.
Love is kind, patient, gentle, forgiving and peaceful.
Love is giving, sharing and caring.
Love does not lie, it is not proud, it does not hurt.
Love is not blind, it sees but doesn't mind.

This is how I identify love.
How do you identify love?

© @AJ_Ajumoke Nwaeze

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