Saturday, 21 March 2015

Wedlock is not for the Gods: The Premiere

If you did Literature in secondary school you should be familiar with the play “Wedlock of the gods” by Zulu Sofola.
Well, the world has evolved and you will agree with me that wedlock is not only for the gods. It is for normal people like you and I. That is why couples say “I do” every Saturday.
To prove that point, Tholakele Productions have created a stage play titled “Wedlock is not for Gods” Written and Directed by El Osas Iyalekhue.
It premiers today 21st March 2015 at Transcorp Hotel, (Pearl Ball Hall) Calabar.
I attended the morning premiere for Press Men and Journalists and I must say “Wedlock is not for Gods” is not a Play you should miss. Meet the Cast

JB Prazeheart

As Loko
JB plays Loko. Loko is a prolific Writer awaiting his big break. He is a caring man who takes both his career and relationship serious, but cheats on his girlfriend and is at the verge of losing her.
Loko’s best Line in the play is “You pushed me into cheating.”  

Joy Egba

As Omar
Joy plays Omar, Loko’s girlfriend. She is a 28-year-old desperate lady. Omar is insecure in her relationship and cheats on her boyfriend hoping to get a commitment from the other guy.
Omar’s best line: “Women are secretive, that is why you will never know what goes through the heart of a woman.”

Emmanuel Ben

As Borma
Ben plays Borma, a psychotic human pet. His character is a very essential one in the play as his lines narrate everything that happens.
Best Line: “He attacked with an arrow to show the pain of his business” (talking about cupid.)

Excellence Itatex

As Fat
Excellence plays Fat, a friend and colleague of Loko. His imperfect relationship leads him to write a story about betrayal to be submitted in a forth coming Art Festival.
Fat’s best line: (which is also mine): “Men, these chicks are something.”

Promise Agbor

He plays Polti, a Cameroonian and a writing apprentice to Fat.
Best line: “There is a distinctive thing about the human fart.” 
To find out about that distinctive thing about the human fart, among other interesting things, feel free to come watch the evening leg of  “Wedlock is not for Gods” by 6pm this evening.

Students/Corps Members – N500
Others – N1000

Other Crew Members of “Wedlock is not for Gods”
Executive Producer: Joan Okon
Producer: Tolu Odebunmi
Production Managers: Inyene Akpan and Charles John
Media Manager: Uduak Emmanuel
Stage Manager: Amaka Nwachukwu
Graphic Designer: Edward Offiong and Emmanuel Bassey.
Costumes by La’ Shakara Wears
Makeup by La’ Estel
Media Hype by
©Ajumoke Nwaeze 2015
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