Saturday, 2 May 2015

Best Brain of The Year

Happy New Month Friends and Happy belated May 1st to all hard working Nigerians. A few months back, a close friend of mine told me a funny story about a young boy in search of intelligence: he wanted to be the smartest chap ever and so he did something rather weird.

I felt the story was interesting and decided to put it into writing with the title "Best Brain of the Year".
My friend and I co-edited/proofread the story and came up with a PDF version for your reading pleasure.

Follow the link: "Best Brain of The Year" to download. Story by Precious Nwanganga, written by Ajumoke Nwaeze. We would love to hear your feedback on our Facebook page: Precious Pmoney Nwanganga,  AJ
Ajumoke Nwaeze. 

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