Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Latest Gist: Otondorization

Congratulations to all Prospective Corp members, who will actually be Corp members by the end of today. The next 21 days is going to be the most adventurous days of your youth (except maybe you have participated in Gulder Ultimate Search before).
These 21 days might also be the most challenging days of your youth: trying to adapt to jungle life. But brace up, it's going to be fun all the same.

These Tips Will Help

1. As you take a trip to your camp, be sure to have all your documents and personal items including cash (lots of it).

2. Try not to sleep on your way, especially if you've never been to that terrain.

3. You are a graduate, please act like one: Ask questions and don't form mugu.

4. In camp try to be friendly with the officials and your colleagues; you never can tell who holds the key to your posting, and re-deployment, if you don't like your PPA.

5. Be active but stay calm.

6. Learn the dialect of your new state, it will epp you.

7. Avoid having Camp Sex with strangers: God is watching you in 3D.

8. Finally, don't panic when they call you the "O" name. Otondo is now your latest, official name.

 Safe Trip y'all.

To all Benue Corps Members. See you in Wanunne camp.

 #Service and Humility.

© AJ Ajumoke Nwaeze 2015.

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