Thursday, 4 June 2015

Happy Birthday AJ: CEO

Hurrah! I am one year older.
I am grateful to no other,
But God the father,
Who has made me wiser, stronger and even bolder,
I have seen life from its four corners
Nice, harsh, and even the worst layers
Friends who turned out to be bad players
And enemies who ended up being great lovers.

If I could go back in time before my date of birth
And was asked to choose the day of my first breath
I would still pick today, Thursday, June the fourth
Cos its the best day to be born on earth.

On this special note, I sleep
To wake up early to your beep
As you wish me happy birthday from the deep
Deepest part of your heart for my keeps.

Thank you for being my friend
I will love you till the very end
Our bond will never bend
And every error we sure will amend 
With Love from AJ.
© AJ Ajumoke Nwaeze 2015.

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