Thursday, 31 December 2015


I saw you that day at the hall
And singled you out like a doll in a mall.
You were so cute and inviting, even on the call
So I fell at once, you too had a fall.

We started the journey as good friends
Had little quarrels and made quick amends.
I wonder why this had to be the end
We were good, we were in love, and about to wed.

We launched into the year together in happiness
Too bad! We are wrapping apart in distress.
I was happy with you, was more than a mistress
But your decisions made everything digress.

I may not have made so much impact in your life
But I would have made a great wife.
I'm aware this hurt cuts deep like a knife
I'm sorry honey, please let go of this strife.

If only you can forgive, forget and forfeit
All I have wronged you and all you'd gain without me.
I can make you happy again, make those dreams come alive.

But hey! Don't you laugh at that line
I get it, IT'S OVER! and I won't break a limb.
Not even when I'm angry or bitter than a lime.
I too was hurt, got sore but won't let it climb.

Enough of the rhymes didn't plan to mime
Just wanted to express how much I wanted you to be mine.
But it's alright, guess it's for the greater good.

Love was found and displaced
Heart moved on; already replaced.
But in all, I will never deface
What we shared and what you carefully misplaced. 

Composed by AJ.

© Ajumoke Nwaeze, December 2015.

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  1. This poem is a classic. The words have such deep meaning and beautifully narrates the poets feelings in the most artistic and creative manner. Really enjoyed it,

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