Tuesday, 9 February 2016

COMING SOON! First Valentine: a Flash Fiction by AJ

It's the season of love, and I guess ya'll have great plans on how to spend 14th February. Menzi, my character, also had it all planned out - her 1st Valentine.

I'm still working on this creative literature of mine, titled "1st Valentine." However, I thought I should share a bit with you before it's fully published.

Here is an excerpt to tantalize you:

“It’s over,” he said like it was BBC breaking news.
“I know,” I responded, smiling with an unusual confidence.
It was past 11PM, we laid down, each person busy with their phones. I was already feeling sleepy, but the fire burning below my abdomen won't let me sleep. I wanted so much to forget about my trip to Choba, and Edwin’s charming voice that still rang in my head.

I moved closer to Deji, planted an inviting kiss on his forehead. He neglected it. Said he was fasting. I tried to cuddle him, but he lay there adamantly. He was indeed fasting!
I left him alone and started chatting with some friends on social media. Minutes later, he reluctantly moved closer, I could feel his breath behind me. I turned, held him close, and planted another kiss, this time on his lips. His lips didn't part open though. He was still fasting; for a moment, I wondered why the ushering department would schedule a fast on a Valentine’s Day. 

I ignored him again, this time longer than he anticipated. Fingering my phone and giggling to myself. I felt him breathing hard. I smiled. I was glad that part of him still wanted me badly even when the other part said NO!

I wanted Deji too and beneath my bowels was exploding in burning flames. I turned to him again and offered a kiss, using my tongue to part open his lips. He finally kissed back! Soft and slowly at first, then it grew passionate, slightly intense, and then boom! He was breaking the fast with me.  

I slide my hands over his bare torso, tickled his navel a bit with my tongue, located his balls, and rubbed it gently. With the ball fully in my court, I headed for . . .

Full story available on Okadabooks.com

© AJ Ajumoke Nwaeze.



  1. No fasting on vals day o in Jesus name. Amen. Nice one Aj

  2. You can't be fasting with a girl In Your room, coz u know the temptation would be high like never bfr.d devil alwys hv a Way to Get u

  3. Nice story, good construction, very real. 😊

  4. Dope description. Walking us through every move. This is another unique style of AJ writing. Can't wait!!!!!