Friday, 25 March 2016

Why Celebrate Easter?

Recently, I went to a shop along my street to buy a handkerchief and I got offended. What! I exclaimed, and walked away: It was ridiculous and there was no point bargaining or arguing. The vendor said it was 150 naira for the normal white handkerchief we all know to be N50. Did dollar too affect tiny fabrics like a handkerchief?

Immediately I left, the shop owner started calling me back to take it for 50 Naira but I ignored him and went to the next shop where I got it at 50 Naira. After that incident, I told myself I'll NEVER buy anything from that first shop again.

I know you may have had a similar experience with a seller before, who inflates the price of a product unreasonably and when you leave without buying calls you back to come have it at the normal price. Most times we don't go back, we just ignore their call and move to the next seller. Sometimes it may be because their approach was disgusting or maybe you had walked past the shop and couldn't go back.

Whatever the case was . . . you didn't buy from that seller because you had your resentments for him/her- Unforgiveness.
Whether consciously or not we keep grudges for people. The vendor instance was just on the lightest note of resentment because it's easier to forgive a stranger/acquaintance than a friend who hurt you deeply.

What about a situation where you dedicate years in building a relationship that you thought would last forever only for your partner to call off the relationship on the basis that you can't even understand nor explain. How do you forgive?

Why Do We Find It So Hard To Forgive? 
  • When we are hurt by the people we love and least expect hurt from.
  • When we hold on to the offense in our memories.
  • When we plan a revenge and refuse to let go.
  • When we see our offenders showing no remorse for the damage caused.
People offend us every day in both minor and mega ways. It's left for us to grieve and meditate on the hurt or let it go and move on.
It's easier to say "I forgive you" than to truly forgive. Sometimes these grudges grow into hatred. We do not have to let it get to that sour point, we should learn to forgive even before the offense is committed.

Why Should We Forgive?
  • It's the right thing to do.
  • Forgiveness sets you free
  • Unforgiveness kills faster than cancer.
  • Unforgiveness affects our psychology and self-esteem negatively.
  • Unforgiveness is a SIN.
You can only punish disobedience when you are obedient . . . if you offend other people once in a while then you need to forgive others so your offenders can also forgive you.

How To Forgive
  • Admit you have a problem with your offender.
  • Decide to forgive your offender.
  • Approach your offender and resolve the conflict in a matured conversation.
  • Forgive and forget.

It's Good Friday, a day when all sins were pardoned. It's a good occasion to burn down your resentment list and throw it all away before Sunday morning. Else you have no reason to celebrate Easter, and not only that you have no right to kill any goat or chicken for your meal.

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ who in his quest to forgive and save mankind died on the cross that our sins might be forgiven. If God Almighty can forgive you, you too can forgive anyone, including the mosquitoes that feast on your blood every night. *tongue out*

Happy Forgiveness Day! - Easter.

© AJ Ajumoke Nwaeze 2016

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