Monday, 30 May 2016

Ladies Alert: Harmless Habits That Attract Diseases to Your Life

Hi ladies, I'm about to share something most of us have never heard about before or probably knew just on the surface. It's about a disease that evades the body of an unhygienic woman. Unlike guys who can easily get away with infections, females are more prone to getting infected and if not treated, diseases could lead to infertility problems in the future.

There are several causes of infertility, but I want to talk about one that is incurred from what seems like harmless activities ladies do every day. There's this bacteria called Coliform; it is a commonly used indicator of sanitary quality of foods and water. Coliforms are found in water, soil, plants and are natural components of feces.

This bacteria when found in the anus, does not cause any harm as that is its natural habitat. However, if it finds its way out of the anal canal to the virginal or any other part of the body, like eye or ears, it could lead to serious infections.

Ways to Get infected With Coliform

1. The Pattern of Wiping the anus after defecation
OK! this is so gross, but we have to talk about it anyway. Some people say the best way to clean the anus after pooing is by washing it with water, some say using a tissue paper is better. All are correct!

It is safer to use tissue paper first, then water to wash off. The tissue cleans off the remains of poo while the water finishes the job. It will be unwise to clean from your anus up to your virginal, that way you are transferring coliform from your anus to the V. Instead, clean from the front, behind.

While washing with water, make sure you wash the virginal first before the anus, and once you touch the anus do not go back to the V. Wash your butt with mild soap and your hands thoroughly afterwards, giving close attention to your fingers (some remains of poo might just be hiding at your fingertips).

2. Use of Unclean Water
As mentioned earlier, this bacteria is resident in water at 35–37°C. If you use dirty water to cook, drink and bath, the chances of increasing the level of Coliforms in your system is higher. If such water is used to wash down below, it is even worse.  

3. Wearing G-strings
No one is against ladies looking hot and sexy in stringed panties, but it's also good that you are aware of its dangers. The rope-like design of G-strings does not allow it stay stable on the butt.

The strings get lost in-between the anus and while the wearer is in motion, the strings move up and down (anus to virginal, virginal to the anus and the trend continues). By so doing, bacteria is transferred from one region to the another and this causes infection.

3. Wearing Silk Pants
The female private part, while covered, generates a lot of heat, that is why cotton underwears are recommended to help absorb the heat. Unfortunately, the sexiest panties are made of silk and satin and due to their inability to absorb heat, they get soaked easily and incubates infections faster.

4. Anal S*X
Here is another gross area we need to talk about. If you understand the above explanations, you will quickly know that having anal sex is one of the easiest ways to get infections. Switching from the virginal to the anus and back to the virginal simply transfers coliform to its non-natural habitat. 

5. Using Toys
Dildos are almost like the real thing, so if you switch it from one region to another or share it with a friend who has infections, you sure will share in her diseases.

6. Multiple Partners
Staying away from number 1 to 5, is not a guarantee that you will be free from coliform. If you still have sex with multiple partners or with one partner who keeps multiple partners, you are still in danger of getting infected. In a nutshell, the woman body is very delicate and should be taken extra care of. We all want to have babies, therefore, let's keep our body conducive for easy conception now and in the future.

I hope you grabbed something from this post.


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