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50 Amazing Facts About AJ You Should Know

Keep Calm, it’s my birthday! In as much as I wish I can freeze my age, I have actually grown into a woman, and I'm still growing.

I presently have less than 1,000 friends on my personal Facebook account, because keeping up with even 10 is a full-time job. I prefer that the few friends I have know me beyond my name and face, just like I am making efforts to know them. 

To that regard, I have put together these 50 lesser known facts about me alongside some pictures I took on my birthday. Read and enjoy!

1. AJ represents 4th June.

2. She was born as Beatrice Ajumokechukwu Nwaeze.

3. She is from a royal family in Omoku, Rivers State.

4. Her other nicknames include 'Abanco' and 'Apple Juice.' 

5. AJ is the 7th Child of her parents.

6. She was born at Teme Clinic, D-line Port-Harcourt on a Thursday Morning.

7. She loves being heard; therefore is more of a talker than a listener.

8. As a child, AJ was gerontophobic.

9. She was struck by lightning at the age of 8, however, miraculously escaped without a burn.  

10. She is a staunch member of Calabar City Church, a follower of Day Star Christian Centre and The Elevation Church.
11. AJ's first report card in Kindergarten read "53rd" out of "53rd."

12. She later embraced schooling in primary school and was promoted twice in one school year due to her excellent performance.
AJ in J. S. S. 1 
13. AJ enrolled into secondary school at the age of 9 and graduated after her 15th birthday.

14. She attended three secondary schools: Archdeacon Crowder Memorial Girls Secondary School Elelenwo, Chuon Vocational Institute and Immaculate Comprehensive College, all in Rivers State.

15. Her best subjects were Biology and English Language, Ironically she had F9 in both during W.A.E.C.

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16. In a pursuit to study Medicine, AJ wrote Jamb six times and was admitted into the university five years after secondary school.

17. AJ holds a Baccalaureate in Genetics and Biotechnology from the University of Calabar.

18. She would have preferred to study Theater Arts, Music or English Language. 

19. She has basic knowledge in French, video editing and script writing. 

20. She was the Vice President and secretary of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals NYSC CDS Group, Enugu North.

21. AJ is a sensational singer, recording artiste, energetic performer, creative writer, web content developer and public speaker. She hopes to go into films in the near future.

22. She had her first stage performance at the age of eight, where she sang to over 2,000 people at All Saints Anglican Church, Port-Harcourt.

23. AJ once suffered from Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (the fear of pronouncing long words), which she converted into a strength while working as a presenter in a radio station.

24. In 2007, AJ was a finalist on Hilda Dokubo’s Street2Star. The same show that brought Timaya and Mr. 2Kay to limelight.

25. In 2007, she was a regional finalist on West African Idol.

26. In 2008, she won Star Quest alongside the musical band “Diamondz.”
Diamondz (2009) 
27. In 2011, AJ was a top finalist on Nigerian Idol.

28. In 2015, she was a second-runner up on the Next Titan TV Show.

29. AJ was a resident writer for UNESCO World Book Capital 2014.

30. She shares her thoughts on her personal platform CheckOutAJ.comand creates content for media, entertainment and corporate organizations.
Personal and Social Life

31. AJ is single and waiting to be found, “winks.”

32. AJ loves to sing, write and travel.

33. Three places she does not fail to visit every day: The Internet, The Toilet, and The Kitchen.
34. Her best spot in any house is the toilet seat.

35. She loves shopping, going to Church and singing Karaoke.

36. In 2014, AJ celebrated 4th June with three of her birthday mates – Phreki, Moon and Peace.
Left to right: Phreki, Peace, AJ, Moon 
37. AJ’s most priceless possessions are her brain and vocal cords.

38. Her unique selling point is her petite size.

39. Her most cherished body part is her lips.

40. Her best colours are pink and blue.

41. Her favourite fruit is Apple and her 
favourite drink is Hollandia Full Cream yoghurt.

42. Height: 5 ft 3”, Weight: 55 kg.

43. Body Statistics: Hips: 40, Waist: 29, Bust: 32.

44. She has a thing for good looking men with great brains.
45. AJ is an Executive Member of the Red Cross Society Nigeria.

46. Her closest female friend is Racheal Aniah.
AJ and BFF, 2011 Versus 2015
47. Her longest friendship is with Elizabeth Okoh; 16 years and counting.

48. In a nutshell, AJ is an amazing personality. She is strong-willed and never gives up. Also, she is excellent at anything she chooses to do, farting included.

49. AJ would like to have you as a friend. Follow her on various social media platforms:

50. Twitter - @CheckOutAJ, Instagram - @CheckOutAJ, Facebook - CheckoutaJ, LinkedIn - AJ Ajumoke Nwaeze.

If there is anything you know about AJ that we are not aware of, please feel free to add it in the comment box below.

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© AJ Ajumoke Nwaeze June 2016.