Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Look Who Got Featured on CalabarBlog as Cover Girl, June Edition

Still in the month of June, I have more things to be grateful for.

Last week, I was contacted by Mr. Hope Obeten, who is the eyes, ears and mouth of Calabar, CEO of Calabarblog, requesting that I feature on the site as Cover Girl, June edition.
I obliged and after an interesting interview session, where I was bombarded with Jamb questions, here is the result.
Q: You seem to have so much going in your life. We are curious to know more about you? Who’s AJ? 
A: AJ is a lot of things to different people; to my parents, I’m their 7th child, to Calabar Blog, I am the Cover Girl for June 2016, to my friends I’m just me – lively, friendly and determined. In a nutshell, AJ is a Creative Personality; Singer, Blogger, On Air Personality. 
Q: Growing up you dreamt of becoming . . . ?
A:  ‘Wealthy and Famous’ and I’m not giving up until that dream is achieved. 
Q: Take us through your educational background?
A: I studied Genetics and Biotechnology at the University of Calabar. I also have a background in Music, Creative Writing and Journalism. 
Q: What kind of man is your “spec”? 
A: Ehmm . . . Click HERE to read the full interview.

© AJ Ajumoke Nwaeze

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